by sewmom 14 Nov 2017

I just determined that the 5x7 JTHoopitup does not work for a 3 month onesie. I must make a 1st Disney trip onesie now so I will open up the side seam. For future reference, shall I buy a 4x4 JTHoopitup? Will it work for small onsies?


by Patricia103 17 Nov 2017

Never heard of this, so had a look. She is demonstrating a 3-6 month size.
Gadget looks like the one I have seen used for socks, only bigger.
Not that I have used the sock one.
Good luck with it.

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by dragonflyer edited 14 Nov 2017

I have done dozens of 3 mo. Onesies in a 4x4 hoop..Just Googled JTHoopitup and there is a video using the 5x7 size with a 3mo Onesie on Facebook....I have never used this hooping aid nor have I had to open up a side seam...I turn it inside out and use sticky stabilizer and pins...and always a wss topper when I embroider...and a ball needle...

sewmom by sewmom 14 Nov 2017

I saw a video but it looked like a bigger onsie than mine. It simply wasn't big enough to pull up and around the gadget. I finished it in my hoop without any gadgets, I did it slow and just adjusted my opening by hand as it moved around,

sewmom by sewmom 14 Nov 2017

Your video looks easy but maybe a different brand of onesie? I don't know why mine wouldn't fit.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15 Nov 2017

I had not seen this gadget before...and yes, it looked like their Onesie might have been 3mos to 6mos...not just a 3 mos you plan to purchase the 4x4 you think this gadget is worth the $$?

sewmom by sewmom edited 15 Nov 2017

It's $24. I think it's worth it. I had a few close calls with my clips and my fingers while I was holding everything away from the stitching area. And I'm sure this isn't going to be my only grandchild!

by graceandham 14 Nov 2017

All the way up to size 18 month onesies, I don't stitch anything that won't fit in my 4 x 4 hoop.

sewmom by sewmom 14 Nov 2017

Do you use the JTHoopitall?

graceandham by graceandham 15 Nov 2017

No. I get the onesie and stabilizer in the 4 x 4 hoop the best I can. Then I roll and pin all the "other" fabric to "stitch in the hole." Tape would work better, but I'm cheap about material costs!

sewmom by sewmom 15 Nov 2017

Tape probably would have been better than the type of clips I used.