by rescuer Moderator 14 Nov 2017

Nancy Zieman passed away today; November 14, 2017. Her cancer must have been aggressive in her last days. It is heart breaking to watch cancer ravage the body. I send condolences to any and all that knew her personally -- but also to all those that sew or sew better because of her. She was wonderfully gifted in so many ways!

She will be missed!


by maleah 17 Nov 2017

Nancy was such a wonderful teacher. She will be greatly missed.

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by rescuer Moderator edited 17 Nov 2017

One of my most favorite things about her is how humble she was in every interview. She called herself a teacher and audience a classroom -- when asked about her celebrity status.

I have read each comment and given flowers to you all.
Some people leave such an imprint in our hearts -- she will never be forgotten.

by 4evertwa 16 Nov 2017

Nancy was by far a truly gifted and talented lady who will be dearly missed in the sewing world. I remember Nancy as both of us attended the same college at the same time in Wisconsin and her contributions back then were noticeable. So impressive to see her rise to stardom and become a household name in sewing. I’m so shocked and saddened to read about her passing thinking she had beat cancer for good upon her May 2016 return to PBS. Things sure changed quickly and such a huge loss. My condolences to family, friends, and all the people she inspired.

by lbrow 15 Nov 2017

Most definitely! Her books and programs have taught me many things/Lillian

by gramt 15 Nov 2017

Nancy was so talented and knowledgeable in the sewing industry. She will be greatly missed by he sewing community. So sad to see such talent leave this earth.

by cooperal 15 Nov 2017

Nancy was one that shared "sew" much with everyone and to learn from her was indeed a blessing. She will be missed by many. My prayers go out to her family and friends...may they know the peace and comfort that comes from the Lord. Avis

by sdrise 15 Nov 2017

My sympathies to all. She was a wonderful teacher and I loved watching her through the years.

by airyfairy 15 Nov 2017

Condolences to all concerned. Sarah from South Africa

by babsie 15 Nov 2017

My condolences to her family and sewing friends. I was shocked by the news. She really was very talented and loved what she was doing. Hugs from South Africa.

by momac 15 Nov 2017

My condolences go out to all her family. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by basketkase 15 Nov 2017

Oh my goodness.......what sad are so right, she was so very talented......prayers for all her family and all who knew her.....

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Nov 2017

So sad. She had been a inspiration to so many

by katydid 14 Nov 2017

Oh! My I did not know this. What will we do without Nancy. I pray for her family. her videos will live for ever.

by jrob Moderator 14 Nov 2017

My heart is heavy over this news.

by sandralane 14 Nov 2017

A sad loss to her family and friends. An inspirational talented lady, she will be missed. Sandra.

by fabricfairy 14 Nov 2017

So very sad .

by barba 14 Nov 2017

Nancy will be missed. My condolences to all her family and friends. Hugs, Barba

by Sewmum1 14 Nov 2017

Nancy was and will continue to be an inspiration to so many. So sad that her time came sooner than expected. I feel for her family and anyone grieving her passing. She will be missed

by 02kar Moderator 14 Nov 2017

It is a sad day indeed. I think she impacted every person who sewed. I'm saddened to hear of her passing and grieve for the loved ones she has left behind.

by reddish 14 Nov 2017

I too, was blessed to collect so many wonderful things from her throughout so many many years; she was such an inspiration to so many of us.

by Leaha 14 Nov 2017

May God Bless and hold her family and friends in His Gentle Hands. Sympathy to all.

by aleene 14 Nov 2017

So sad. So many people will miss her.

by aussiequilter 14 Nov 2017


by shirley124 14 Nov 2017

Such a sad loss.

by toogie 14 Nov 2017

Sad day friend's mom passed today too.

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2017

Sad day..She was an inspiration to many and will be missed...

by gerryvb 14 Nov 2017

may she rest in peace, she will stay into the hearts of many as a beautiful memory....

by sbott54 14 Nov 2017

Nancy taught me so many skills and also enriched my life by her example of courage. My prayers for her and her family are being offered. —Sandy

by graceandham 14 Nov 2017

It is truly remarkable that even she could not have known how many lives she touched and improved and filled with joy and love through her sewing.

by dadybrode 14 Nov 2017

Sincères condoléances à sa famille et que Dieu l’accueille dans son paradis, Un grand merci pour son merveilleux travail que je garderai précieusement en souvenir.

Sinceres condolences with its family and that God receives it in his paradise, thank you very much for her marvellous work which I will preciously keep in remembering.

by pennifold 14 Nov 2017

I’m so sorry to read about Nancy’s passing. I found out about her through Cute and used to watch her on the internet. Condolences to her family and all who knew her. Love Chris

by kustomkuddle 14 Nov 2017

What a loss for the sewing community as well as for those who knew her personally. She touched so many people. She is missed.

by kathymourie 14 Nov 2017

I learned sew much from just watching her on TV. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

by sewdeb 14 Nov 2017

Such a loss to the sewing community. I know she inspired me throughout the years as I'm sure, too, many Cuties benefitted from her.
God bless her and prayers for her family.

by stork 14 Nov 2017

She was such a wonderfully talented person. She will be greatly missed by so many of us.......God Bless and rest in peace!

by dailylaundry 14 Nov 2017

Bless her heart - she was so very inspirational and so talented. How sad, she will be missed by so many!

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Nov 2017

I too was thinking about her yesterday. She will be missed and thanks for the very sad news

by patt1 14 Nov 2017

Thank you for letting us know. She was on my mind soo much yesterday! She put up a good fight and left an amazing legacy. She will be missed by soo many. God bless her and her family and friends.

by PeggyJ 14 Nov 2017

She was such an inspiration to all sewers. She is a legend and will be missed.