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by pennifold ( edited 12 Nov 2017 ) 12 Nov 2017

It’s a glorious day here and so I decided to climb up the ladder to check out our Kookaburras. I’m not sure if I told you before but the male bird has been bashing our back windows and we’ve put up all sorts of barriers, to no avail, he still finds ways of getting to them. Anyhow there is one quite large chick and 2 unhatched eggs, which obviously are not fertile. This little fellow is quite vocal. Spring is such a gorgeous time. Love Chris


by maleah 19 Nov 2017

Even though the male thinks it is a rival, it is wonderful to see nature so close. Here in Tennessee, we are going into winter. 37 degrees this AM

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pennifold by pennifold 23 Nov 2017

Thanks maleah, yes, nature is wonderful. Hope you keep warm. Love Chris

by castor 18 Nov 2017

the Male thinks the Reflection is a Rival and tries to get rid of it.The only thing is to block the Glass .We had Birds flying into our Veranda Windows, braking their Neck,so I stuck Flowermotives everywhere.Mybe this Idea helps you Hugs Ursula

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pennifold by pennifold 19 Nov 2017

Thanks Ursula, yes, we've had plastic covering, sheets, and now plastic straps that flap in the wind on every piece of glass we have out the back. We seem to have him fooled for the time being. This male bird is very persistent and has never been here before. Love Chris

by gerryvb 18 Nov 2017

thank you for the updates :)

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pennifold by pennifold 19 Nov 2017

Thanks Gerry, he is much more calm. Love Chris

by cfidl 18 Nov 2017

I thought they might be around now. Too bad about the infertile eggs, however prospects for this big bird are good! Thank for climbing up to take a look. Hope the bird and the windows survive til he leaves the nest.

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pennifold by pennifold 19 Nov 2017

Thanks Chris, we were just about to ring W.I.R.E.S (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) to see if there was something else we could do. Hanging all of the plastic straps on every window we have out the back and on the deck balustrades and above the roof where we have a triangular window we've got him fooled! Hooray, no more bashing into the windows. Once the chick has flown the nest, the father bird will go too we hope!!! Love Chris

by airyfairy 12 Nov 2017

Dear little thing. Thank you for the picture Chris

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pennifold by pennifold 12 Nov 2017

Thanks Sarah, we were disappointed that the others hadn't hatched, but I think this bird (the male one at least) is still a juvenile, he's still been bashing our windows today! Love Chris

by graceandham 12 Nov 2017

Thanks for showing us this awesome bird. I remember fondly that for two springs we had a momma deer and her twins (2 sets in 2 years) following a path behind our greenhouse down to the pond. I could almost always see them emerge from behind the building just after 10 a.m. if I was out there and very still. Nature is a beautiful reminder of the glory and power and fulsomeness of God.

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pennifold by pennifold 12 Nov 2017

Thanks Betsey, yes nature is surely one of the best things we can see for free! It's such a great reminder that we need to look after and love our natural surroundings. Praise God!
Love Chris

by marianb 12 Nov 2017

It's a shame the other two eggs weren't fertile, but nice to see the next generation thriving. Marian

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pennifold by pennifold 12 Nov 2017

Thanks Marian, yes it's good to see him doing so well. Love Chris