by mechille 11 Nov 2017

Ok Cuties, I'm looking for a program that I can use with my tablet, where I can atleast add fonts to make words and be able to change the look of the words... like make them in an arch, circle or just straight. Does this make since? I'd like to learn to digitize, but don't wont to spend alot of money and most that I've look at are for windows and I have a tablet. If anyone out there might know, could you please let me know. Thanks, Mechille


by awesome1 13 Nov 2017

Re your laptop "doesn't have any room"---you might be able to add memory if you haven't maxed it out already.

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by rescuer Moderator edited 12 Nov 2017

Wilcom has TrueSizer Web that might be useful. Free?
Touch Embroidery is an App for Android. $3. They have a free one as well -- but it doesn't have all the features.

If you have an iPad there are other options as well.

I should mention I have not used these.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 13 Nov 2017

Thank you 'R' I am going to have a look at these sites.

by dragonflyer 12 Nov 2017

Hmmm...I think Janome has software for their Horizon machine that works with a Mac tablet...Accu-Edit and Accu-Monitor...Don't have Janome machine, but do know that if you get their new machine, it comes with a Mac Tablet...

by airyfairy 11 Nov 2017

I also have a tablet and the only thing I can do is download a design. I then send it to my desktop computer and work from there. A tablet alone will not help you with embroidery software.

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mechille by mechille 12 Nov 2017

Thanks, yeah I don't have any room on my laptop. Thanks for your help.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Nov 2017

I agree with graceandham.I am afraid you are out of luck with a tablet.

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mechille by mechille 12 Nov 2017


by graceandham 11 Nov 2017

I haven't seen one and it may be because digitizing programs are huge and complicated programs that do lots of intricate things. They need big space to work.

mechille by mechille 12 Nov 2017

Thanks for your help.

mechille by mechille edited 12 Nov 2017

I was afraid of that.. and my laptop doesn't have enough room for one and I've taken everything off of it.

by sandyqueen 11 Nov 2017