by babash 08 Nov 2017

This is the design I was asking about downloaded it this morning. Takes almost 2 hours to stitch.

I don't know if it is my fault or if the design is a bit out of wack.
Outline on top sections way off and one stripe on shirt in black has a gap. Yellow shirt on right has spaces.
Outline on lower part looks pretty good.
Is it a hooping fault on my part or a digitizing fault?
When I looked at it in Embird it looked fine. I didn't change the size. Sorry picture is not great but green shirt is the worst then yellow.
Need some advice. Thanks for looking


by pennyhal2 15 Nov 2017

Well, I just stitched out a design yesterday and had the same problem as you. So, I stitched it out again and slowed the machine down to it's losest speed...I have a really old machine so it doesn't stitch at high speed. At the lowest speed, the outlined stitched out perfectly.

Maybe try a test stitchout of just the green shirted guy at lowest speed and see if the outline stitches correctly. If your machine only has one speed, fast, then stabilizing it would be the only solution. But since it takes 2 hours to do them all, and your machine doesn't go slow, just practice on the green guy with a different stabilizers like people below suggested.

I hate doing practice stitchouts because it takes up so much stabilizer and fabric and time. However, this is certainly a great design and worth the time/trouble/expense of doing it.

by Patricia103 09 Nov 2017

Have you basted the fabric in the hoop before stitching?
That can sometimes help with this problem.

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babash by babash 10 Nov 2017

No I didn't think to do that. Good suggestion thank you.

by sewtired 09 Nov 2017

I agree with others. Take out the green shirt guy. He has no legs and I thought golfers usually played in foursomes anyway. If you want to test the design again, maybe just stitch out the yellow shirt upper torso and see how things line up with more stabilizer. Good luck!

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

I am not a Golfer so it never crossed my mind there were too many in the scene. Maybe Green man is passing by. Ha Ha
Good suggestion about just testing parts. I never think to do that I just do the whole thing over again and get more and more frustrated.

by pennyhal2 09 Nov 2017

If it looks good in Embird, then I'd say it's a stabilizing issue. I have this problem when I do this heavy of a design. My problem is that the density of the stitching takes up room and the stabilizer and/or fabric "shrinks" throwing the design out of whack. It's not uncommon for me to use 3 layers of iron-on mesh and sometimes a couple of layers of wws on top. The trick for me is to get enough stabilizer to stand up to the design without making it impossible for the needle to penetrate it all. You'll know if you have too much if the needle breaks!

Another trick I use is is to enlarge the design 10% without increasing density. In Embird, you unckeck the "adjust stitch density when resizing." This helps if I think the fabric is the issue, but your fabric doesn't show any puckers, so it probably isn't the density.

If it took 2 hours to stitch, I'd not be inclined to do too many practice stitchout. Not only costs time, but money too. The worst "offender of the bunch is the green shirt guy, so my first inclination would be to just delete him. However, if you find a way to fix the yellow shirt guy, the green shirt guy would probably be fixed too.

I'd be interested in hearing what you found that works for you on this design!

babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

I was using cotton fabric batting and cut away stabilizer thought that would be thick enough. Maybe I need to use another layer of stabilizer.
Thanks for your input I will certainly try your suggestions.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 11 Nov 2017

That should have been enough stabilizer, but perhaps an iron-on type would help stabilize the shirt better. Do you pin the fabric to the cutaway? or do you pin the fabric to the stabilizers? Outlines are always tricky to get right.

by airyfairy 09 Nov 2017

This is just always so upsetting. It has happened time and time again for me. I now hardly ever use the outline. I have got quite handy with a very fine black marker pen. I think the idea of taking the green shirt man is also a good idea

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

No choice about outline as it is the sunglasses and hair on yellow shirt man. Black is only used once and that is the last colour.

by workbecky 09 Nov 2017

Great design. I hope your second attempt is a success. I had one where I thought I had snap my hoop in my 6 needle but it was just a little bit off. I bumped it (accidentally) into place and the design then stitch just off of the previous stitching. I kicked myself and restitched the design.

Becky in Arkansas

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

No didn't bump hoop very careful about that. Been there done that.

by meganne 09 Nov 2017

It isn't the one I was thinking of but it looks good.

I do think Awesome1 is on the right track, I would leave the green shirt man out, he doesn't have any legs anyway.
Hope you get it sorted.
Huge hugs, Meg

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

Second attempt a bit better. I looked at others but liked this design better than the Dakota's

by awesome1 09 Nov 2017

Can you just cut the 'green shirt man' out of the design if he's the worst problem?? It looks easy since only his upper body is visible and colors seem diff from others. Cute golfing picture.

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

Never even thought of taking green man out. May be an option.

by pennifold 09 Nov 2017

Barbara, did you by any chance knock the machine when it was stitching out? I did that once without realising and the whole outline stitch was out of whack! I hope your next one behaves for you. Love Chris

P.S. Great design by the way.

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

No positive didn't bump it. Yes design is nice,

by stock 09 Nov 2017

just use marking pens to do a little touch up...wendy

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

I would if it wasn't for the green shirt man he is way out. Hubby says looks good use it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Nov 2017

It looks as if the stabilizer moved. I really do not know enough to be of any help.

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

Trying a second one to see what happens. Thanks anyway.