by noah 08 Nov 2017

I play scrabble everyday with a friend here and i wanted to make her a rw scrabble board to put on a towel for C/mas Anyone know where i might get one OR anyone care to digitize it and i can pay???thanks Carolyn


by graceandham 14 Nov 2017

Just to chime in, probably a bit late. I think the board design is copyrighted. However, it would be cute to digitize just a crossword with the "a" in Carolyn intersecting with the "a" in Scrabble. Maybe there is a letter in your friend's name that could intersect with a letter in Scrabble or Carolyn? Mops, help!

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Nov 2017

Carolyn isn't this game copyrighted?

by kay4sparkle 13 Nov 2017

What size do you want the total design to be?

by noah 09 Nov 2017

Here is mine****ok

by shirley124 08 Nov 2017

Hubby and I also have a game of scrabble every night. Helps to keep the brain active. Hugs

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noah by noah 08 Nov 2017

I love the game and John can;t see to play so i have my own cd and i play against the computer and i also play on line but on line is kinda a pain lol

by mops Moderator 08 Nov 2017

Is a Dutch one different than an English one, the colours might. And you say rw, how do you think the double and triple letter and word squares could be indicated? I think it would be nice to put names on the grid to personalize it.

noah by noah edited 09 Nov 2017

i think all colors would be the same ??At least they are on my granddaughter's french one lol**I was just thinking it would be easier to digitize and sew out if it was rw???Thanks Mops

sewtired by sewtired 09 Nov 2017

US boards have different colored squares for the triple and double point blocks and also for the starred square in the middle of the board.