by graceandham 07 Nov 2017

Oh my, it's fall finally. Raked and mowed and blew off the drive yesterday and noticed at dusk that the woods are suddenly GOLDEN. We must have had a really cold night, because this morning my driveway couldn't be seen at all in some spots for all the leaves that let loose in the night. I'm thinking after I rake and blow again tomorrow I will be approaching the half-way point on leaves that must be gotten up for the year. The red maples are awesome against all that gold.


by jrob Moderator 08 Nov 2017

I love fall. All of the beautiful colors makes me think that God really shows off then. :) It seems to be a season that invigorates my soul. When the sun shines on those golden, rust, orange, yellow leaves it makes me want to sing.

by meganne 08 Nov 2017

I envy you the beautiful scenery of autumn colours, Mother Nature's finest hour, but I certainly don't envy you the raking, though they do say it is a good healthy way to burn calories. :-)
Hugs n roses, Meg

by dragonflyer 07 Nov 2017

Love the autumn colors...not much to see in Southern California...seems we don't really have "seasons" like most...

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by mranderson edited 07 Nov 2017

I really love the autumn colours. Where we live in Northern NSW Australia we only seem to have 2 seasons, Summer and Winter. If we travel and see the trees turning to their autumn colours I am amazed, I just love it. Don't think I would love all the raking and blowing though. We are coming into summer here. Hugs Marg

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graceandham by graceandham 07 Nov 2017

it's the season with the most yard work for me. Nevertheless, I have come to consider fall my favorite season living in these woods.

by 02kar Moderator 07 Nov 2017

I admit I love the colors of autumn and miss them now that I live in the south east. Enjoy the days and kudos to you for mowing and raking.