by spendlove Moderator 07 Nov 2017

Secret Sisters have had the information about who to send their gift to for a couple of days, so I know there will be much scratching of heads.

Whether you are taking part or not, please fill this thread with gift suggestions which fit the criteria. (One small handmade gift.)

We will probably have a lot of discussion about "one". Several elements are allowed so long as they are joined up into one item. So: a length of bunting or a banner would be great but a set of coasters wouldn't. That might sound a bit harsh, but that word "one" has given me many headaches in the past!


by toogie 13 Nov 2017

A few more ideas maybe journal covers ( to take notes of projects-to-make), 10 minute runners Christmas or not (that take an hour at least-lol), doilies (if you have a large enough hoop) be continued (IF I can think of something more-lol)

by inhislovinggrip 09 Nov 2017

Our SS make everything from their hearts and I love surprises.
so surprise me.

by Patricia109 08 Nov 2017

Oh good, Haven't been on Cute for ages. And I am in time to see what is made for Christmas.. Lovely
I have made little purses. Great for small items from scissors for embroidery or your manicure set if you have soft nails like mine that can need urgent treatment on the run. I would love to have long nails, but they are always getting splits or tears hence the need for urgent treatment. Sorry off the subject.
Coaster huggie things for wine glass bottoms is another loved item for friends.
Happy stitching to those who are doing the SS. I am just a lurker or QGI (quietly gathering information).

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spendlove by spendlove 09 Nov 2017

Thank you for your suggestions!

by snoukems 08 Nov 2017

These are kinda neat ideas... sunglass or reading glasses holder, pocket tissue holders, fsl window hangings or tea candle holders, small tote bags, throw pillow, potato warmers.

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spendlove by spendlove 09 Nov 2017

Thank you.

by clintonmiss22 08 Nov 2017

What you're asking is not necessarily what we want, but ideas for everyone, and especially newbies, about suggestions to make, right? Like mugrugs, potholders, pincushions, teapot cozies, towel holders or kitchen towels. Purse size calendar holder. I love a notebook cover that I received once. Aprons, coffee mug cozies, fsl angels or ornaments, bookmarks, bread basket liners, sleep masks, flower pot covers, jewel rolls for traveling, makeup bag or alcohol hand cleanser holder. Have fun everyone!!

clintonmiss22 by clintonmiss22 08 Nov 2017

Jewelry, not jewels. I try to leave all my jewels at home when I travel. LOL

spendlove by spendlove 09 Nov 2017

Exactly what I asked for! Thank you.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 13 Nov 2017

I have no idea what my SS likes so this is a great post filled with ideas for those of us that need some suggestions.

by kustomkuddle 08 Nov 2017

Like most everyone, I love surprises also. I am in the process of redecorating my sewing room in pale yellow and would love anything a SS cutie would send. Just about anything goes! I love reds and blues. Not into sports, paisleys, or southwestern style. Thanks DebB

by lilylady 08 Nov 2017

I love outside. Birds, flowers, trees, animals. But it will be a surprise of anything a cutie wants to make. I love surprises best! Sandy

by mrskiki 08 Nov 2017

I love Christmas and most holidays (except Halloween), but would love anything that is useful. I don't like "prim" designs. My home is decorated with a western theme (cowboy not kokpelli southwestern), colors are brown, rust and gold with a bit of green. Green is my favorite color. Hope this helps. Hugs. Nan W

by marianb 08 Nov 2017

Well SS I'm Christmas mad, and decorate the whole house. I mainly have traditional colour things, but also love blues. Anything you would like to make will be loved. p.s love to use mugrugs and doilies ect everywhere.

by raels011 07 Nov 2017

I know I will love whatever I get because it has been made especially for me by a Cutie. I have always had such wonderful gifts and treasure them all so sorry I would love a surprise

by pennifold 07 Nov 2017

Well as most of the girls on here know I'm a lover of blue and purple. I love anything for the kitchen or bathroom. We are renovating our upstairs bathroom which will be in soft pewter, white and blues. My kitchen is neutral, but I normally have brightly coloured tea towels in there. I do personally love applique and machine embroidered Roosters, but don't let that stop you. The gift I'm making for my SS is going to be a surprise! Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 09 Nov 2017

Maybe graceandham will get you for her SS, as she has BEAUTIFUL rooster designs. I love my shirt with the rooster she gave us all, in Alabama.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Nov 2017

I am of no help because I love surprises. I dislike neon colors, love purples and blues and that is about all. Other then that I want my secret sister to stitch what she has fun with.

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Nov 2017

I agree with you Angie, love Chris.