by jasde 19d ago

Hello !!! I'm looking for the file of this cat pouch, I think I threw it, I only have the diy and the photo


by rescuer Moderator 18d ago

This is one of the designs offered by Sue. I think perhaps you would have downloaded in the year 2012. It would wise to search for it. You only had a 4x4 hoop during that time -- so perhaps you didn't download it??

You can only get the file from Sue. Any other method would be against US and International laws as well as the Terms and Conditions of this website.

by pennyhal2 19d ago

This looks familiar but I searched my files and don't have it. It's really quite cute!

by crafter2243 Moderator 19d ago

If you need help with anything other then how to navigate this site, you need to post it in the community. You will get responses there. Members rarely come here since they do not need to find out how to use the site. This post will be deleted after a while or as soon as you repost it in the community