by maleah 29 Oct 2017

Sorry, I just wanted to whine a bit. Thanks for listening. Two weeks after a total knee replacement. Pain is like having electricity zapping through. I hope it goes away soon. Swelling is down but skin seems tight. Physical therapy has been hard but getting to my goal.


by graceandham 30 Oct 2017

If the skin seems tight, you still have some swelling. It's just much less swelling than a week ago! At five, almost six months, I still swell each day and skin still feels like it had too much facelift. Keep exercising - I know it's boring, but they are SOOOO important. Eventually your whine will only be a whimper. And then, a smile. Don't forget the icing, uh, ice pack and alternately heating pad if doctor allows.

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maleah by maleah 30 Oct 2017

thanks for the advice

by cfidl 30 Oct 2017

keep it going! You really are doing well and will get better.

by basketkase 30 Oct 2017

I have a neighbor who had hers replaced in the spring and by summer she was out mowing her lawn which she hadn't been able to do in was all due to the physical therapy and doing it at home as well....get better soon!!

by meganne 30 Oct 2017

I had my knee replacement on May 8th and YES, it was really tough going, but eventually, so much better than previous terrible pain.

I am going to write down what worked for me because I really struggled trying to do the physio, not knowing (at that time) that the discs in my lumbar spine have collapsed and one has totally slipped out of alignment.

Keep up the ice packs and also massage rosehip oil or Curel into the site, very gently, at least twice daily.
The best exercise is pedalling on an exercise bike.

Start out slowly, with the seat raised higher than normal, just rocking the foot pedals forward and back until you can do a complete revolution.
Slowly increase the revolutions until you are doing about 40 at a time, then lower the seat a notch and start again.
The whole purpose is to get your new knee to bend MORE than 90 degrees.

If you have stairs, once you start walking up and down them normally, (which can take up to ten weeks), then try walking up them backwards, which helps bend the knee.

Doing all this at home, as well as your physio, will help advance your recovery back to normal use and you will be truly happy you had it done.

I am now six months along and still find if I don't exercise on the bike at least every second day, my leg will seize up and not bend properly, but I sure am glad I had it done as I can now walk up and down our stairs without crying in pain.

Just keep the ice packs and pain meds going until you can sleep through the night, for me it was about 6 weeks.

You might find some useful info at this link and they have forums where patients discuss their results, which helped me realise I wasn't alone. :-)

I hope this helps. Huge healing hugs xxx M

maleah by maleah 30 Oct 2017

Oh Meganne, you are an angel from God. I am lucky that I was sent home with an ice machine. I have wonderful help with DH. I was told Implicitly NOT to do too much or risk stepping back. Thanks for the information.....

meganne by meganne 31 Oct 2017

Precisely! Don't rush anything!
It is a long, slow, process but the bike you should be able to start by third or fourth week. You will know when you are ready.
Whatever you do, DON'T try to walk down stairs normally, always go new knee first going down, normal leg first going up.
The walking up stairs backwards is only AFTER you are using stairs normally. I found it really helped me to bend my new knee more and I still do it even now.
I have many friends who are tenpin bowlers and tennis players and they all say they have to keep exercising their knees or they stiffen up, even several years after their surgeries.
I couldn't wait to get back to bowling and did so weeks ahead of schedule, pain free for the first time in 20 years!
huge hugs, xxxxx

by pennifold 30 Oct 2017

I feel your pain Cori and I haven't even had a knee replacement. Mum has had 3 and she is 83 and she definitely would tell you to make sure you keep up the physical therapy. Buy yourself a stationary exercise bike and when you are ready for that it's a great way of getting your knee moving. Love Chris

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maleah by maleah 30 Oct 2017


by pacmp 30 Oct 2017

(((HUGS))) and whine all you need!! Just please keep up that PT so you will be able to have the mobility you desire in the coming months and years! Maybe stitch up a special tee shirt for your PT-pain causer.., someone here had a great idea for their Physical therapist that really seemed to fit the their situation that I seem to remember being similar to what you are describing... but above all remember it will all be worth every groan! We are here any time! Pam

by glob69 29 Oct 2017

I hope your pain subsides soon. I had a knee replacement in Dec 2016. The pain is very intense. That physical therapy is key but, it really hurts. It will be better soon . I think it took about 8 weeks for me to feel better. Now my knee is great. I know you will feel better soon. I will pray for you. God Bless you and whine all you want. The way that hurts you are entitled! Gail

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maleah by maleah 30 Oct 2017

This coming Wednesday is my 3rd week from surgery. My pt said I am doing well. I am greatful for all of my Cuties support.... Thanks

by jrob Moderator 29 Oct 2017

Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy. Sounds like nerves re-attaching. Whining is welcome and you are safe here. Praying for the pain to subside and for you to kick PT in the butt!

by 02kar Moderator 29 Oct 2017

Good that you share your pain. Don't be afraid to tell your PT about any concerns you have. That's so uncomfortable to be in pain and having your nerves misfiring at will. Hopefully they will knit back together quickly and you will be well on your way to full recovery. Keep working toward each goal. I'm proud of you for working so hard I know the reward will be worth it

by dragonflyer 29 Oct 2017

Wishing you a speedy recovery...

by sharonleekesner 29 Oct 2017

Funniest thing when I had my first knee replacement the whole area, on top, felt like it was on fire. So uncomfortable that I got a spray bottle full of water and would "mist" myself. Knee therapy is a bugger for sure, and worth every bit of effort. I can bend my knees, thanks to that miserable physical therapy, but I know a lot of people that cannot. Good for you for setting a goal. Oh hey, whining is allowed. If you are doing that therapy, whining, moaning and even cussing, is allowed. Speedy healing.

by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Oct 2017

Sometimes whining a bit is good. Just letting the frustration out helps. From all I heard you will be so much better in the future and I will pray that healing will come fast. Keep up the good work with physical therapy..

by gerryvb 29 Oct 2017

sorry to read you are in so much pain, hope the pain will get less very soon, prayers for a speedy recovery. and hugs for you ))))

by kathymourie 29 Oct 2017

I hope you feel better soon.
Hugs and prayers,

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maleah by maleah 29 Oct 2017