by noah 25d ago

I have not sewed in sew long i forgot how to write on a hat and get it straight:(:(Oh Boy:(:(Got it finally Thanks for LQQKING!!Hugs Carolyn P.S. Blue one i did it right lol


by devon 23d ago

Looking good! Keep up the great work!!

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noah by noah 23d ago

Thanks Devon hugs4u2

by lbrow 25d ago

You proved the adage, " if at frst you don't succeed then try, try again." Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget things? Lillian

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noah by noah 25d ago

yes and son says it will get worse lol I hope NOT

by dragonflyer 25d ago

Nicely is sometimes difficult to remember which way is up!

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noah by noah 25d ago

yes for sure hugs

by worthy 25d ago

Practice makes perfect.. Great job.

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noah by noah 25d ago


by Leaha 25d ago

More magic and bravery from you, my friend.Beautifully done. hugs

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noah by noah 25d ago

Ahhhhhhhh thanks i love hugs

by pennifold 25d ago

Great job, I have never done a hat as I don't have a hat hoop anyway and am in awe of how you do them. Love Chris

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noah by noah 25d ago

i got no hat hoop either just my Ruby ole girl*****

by babash 25d ago

Looking good. Nice font you used just perfect for a male.
Funny how you do something so many times and then don't for a while and forget how.
Happens to all of us.

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noah by noah 25d ago

oh thanks i thought i was alone lol hugs

by sonjapotgieter 25d ago

Terrific work done!!!Beautiful!!

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noah by noah 25d ago

Thanks Sonja hugs

by basketkase 25d ago

Great job with the did a great job getting this centered, they are difficult to hoop and keep from moving around in the hoop....

noah by noah 25d ago

For sure thanks Vicki***

Kathy68 by Kathy68 25d ago

How did you do it??