by shadoe 28 Oct 2017

Hi I'm looking for a design saying Diva's don't do dishes I had it once and I must have lost it cause I can't find it/ I think it was a free one not sure can anyone help me?? Thanks Jane


by airyfairy 31 Oct 2017

What sort of size are you looking for and what sort of font? I am sure I can do this for you easily. Please send me a PM.

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shadoe by shadoe 02 Nov 2017

Pes 4x4 any font i'd like to put it on a dish towel/

by babash 29 Oct 2017

Could be a Stella or Madge design.
Check out Julia's

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mops by mops 31 Oct 2017

I think so too. Check out too

by marianb 29 Oct 2017

Haven't heard that one before..

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Oct 2017

I looked through my files and I do not have anything like it. Sorry.