by michemb 27 Oct 2017

Good morning cuties,

Hope everyone is doing well.
I ask for your prayers as my DIL will be induced and should deliver my granddaughter today. Please pray that there are no complications and that all goes well. With your thoughts and prayers, hopefully by the end of the day, I will be a grandmother. Can't wait
hugs to all


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by meganne edited 28 Oct 2017

Praying for a safe delivery, regardless of when it happens.

It will be worth all the anxiety when you hold that precious grand baby for the first time, there is no other feeling so overwhelmingly, powerfully, emotional.
Sending Angels to watch over you all.
Hugs and blessings xxx

by jrob Moderator 28 Oct 2017


by michemb 27 Oct 2017

Dissapointe, today is not the day, hopefully tomorrow, will keep you all posted, please continue your prayers that she decides to come meet us soon.

jerrib by jerrib 27 Oct 2017

So sorry Michelle, I have been thinking about you all day and prayed that all went well and you are a Grandma, but the wait will be worth it.

graceandham by graceandham 27 Oct 2017

I know you are on tinterhooks while you wait!

cfidl by cfidl 28 Oct 2017

How wonderful! I am so excited for you! Hope today is the day!

by airyfairy 27 Oct 2017

Maybe by now it will all be over. Hope all went well

by dee 27 Oct 2017

Hope everything goes well. Prayers for all of you. Enjoy your granddaughter

by dailylaundry 27 Oct 2017

Of course, your family will be in my prayers. Please post a picture of your new granddaughter!! Hugs, Laura

by osueo 27 Oct 2017

WOW---being grandma is the best job in the world---praying for a safe delivery----soooo happy for you----I have 3 lovely grandchildren---and many "ADOPTED" grandchildren in JESUS----always someone to embroider and knit for---they make life complete and full---GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!

by jerrib 27 Oct 2017

Prayers for a safe delivery. I know how anxious you have been waiting for this little one's appearance.
I have been thinking about you...
Hugs a Bunch

by joansatx 27 Oct 2017


by dragonflyer 27 Oct 2017

Prayers for a safe delivery for both mom and baby girl...congratulations...

by sdrise 27 Oct 2017

Prayers are with you all !!

by lbrow 27 Oct 2017

It' done so trusting the Lord for a beautiful outcome/Lillian

by graceandham 27 Oct 2017

I'm praying for her today and hoping for a beautiful boy - or girl.

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graceandham by graceandham 27 Oct 2017

Just reread and saw granddaughter! Still praying. Hope her day is going perfectly.

by 02kar Moderator 27 Oct 2017

My prayers are going up as I type for a safe delivery of a beautiful baby.