by gerryb 22 Oct 2017

Cute Family, here's what I've (and many of you) have been praying for! Meet Evelyn Grace, born 10/21, weighing in at 3# 13 oz & 17" long. (she was 4 wks early) At 28 wks, parents were touring the NICU as the drs. said she'd never be able to carry her much further. Well, 8 wks later she's arrived. This is my son's hand with her a few hrs. after birth and today her mama got to hold her for the first time! It was a rough delivery (over 12 hrs labor to end in a C section) & baby will have to stay in NICU a while due to size, but praise the Lord for a healthy, beautiful little girl. Big sister, Carrie, hasn't seen her yet as she can't go into the NICU..but my son took his phone in & let Carrie "face time" with baby sister & Carrie wouldn't give her mama the phone back! So sweet. Thank you for those that have been praying..keep it up as she continues to grow now outside the womb.


by maleah 24 Oct 2017

Such beautiful pictures. Prayers for our entire family.

by kustomkuddle 24 Oct 2017

Babies are such a blessing. Praying both Momma and baby continue to do well.

by gerryb 24 Oct 2017

I promise I won't slam you gals with baby pictures. But I got to hold her today as did her Papaw. Holding a 3# bag of pure sugar!! Probably 2-4 wks in NICU, but we know what our God can do, so she'll come home when He sees it's time! This is me holding our little bundle. She was supposed to get the IV out of her head late this afternoon. Praying she did, it sure looks uncomfortable!

lbrow by lbrow 24 Oct 2017

Praise God from whom all Blessings flow.!!!

02kar by 02kar 24 Oct 2017

That is a beautiful picture, IV and all!!! Thanks for sharing this special moment with us. I know we all wish we could hold her too.

by katydid 23 Oct 2017

I love miracle babies. Thank you Lord.

by parkermom 23 Oct 2017

what a beautiful blessing to have! Beautiful name, beautiful mom too!

by sewdoctor 23 Oct 2017

Congratulations to you all....she is beautiful!

by grossfamilie 23 Oct 2017

Congratulations to you and the whole happy family! Wishing you the very best - and she is so beautiful. No wonder to be in love with that tiny girl <3
XXX Maria

by cfidl 23 Oct 2017

Congratulations! She is so beautiful!

by sewmom 23 Oct 2017

She is so precious! Enjoy your new granddaughter!

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Oct 2017

What a blessing she is. A precious little bundle. Praying for her continued progress

by jenne 23 Oct 2017

Ah! babies so very wonderful in our lives , may God bless all of you, She (HE) is beautiful.

by airyfairy 23 Oct 2017

Many congratulations to all. One beautiful baby

by marianb 23 Oct 2017

Congratulations to all a well awaited birth. Happy birthday Evelyn Grace. Marian

by gerryvb 23 Oct 2017

congratulations, prayers will continue, for this adorable little girl to grow up to become a beautiful woman. Evelyn Grace , so beautiful already, welcome in this world and in your family who desired you so much..

by pacmp 22 Oct 2017

What a sweet little bundle you each will treasure! I love all of her hair. We have a grandson who was just 1 lb 15 oz, born in the 25th week and he is now doing well and 9 years, he now seems to never stop growing which is so very awesome when they start out so tiny. The medical care your daughter in law and granddaughter had available and those precious extra 8 weeks inside her mom is the miracle prayed for! It won't be too long before she will catch up in size, until then, I hope they can get extra months of wear on those tiny baby clothes. Congratulations to the whole family. Being a Grandma is the best, enjoy all those precious moments! Hopefully little Evelyn Grace will pass all the medical tests with flying colors, and be able to come home soon, as well as Momma having a bit of time to heal from the Cesarean, the time between her hospital release and the babies is the hardest, as Mom will want to be with her little one every hour but will also need to be resting herself as well as the NICU is not always in the home town, so I am praying the coming weeks are not too difficult, the faster baby can be home with Mom the better, prayers will continue. Pam

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gerryb by gerryb 22 Oct 2017

Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers!

by gdsteliga 22 Oct 2017

Congratulations all around. She looks beautiful. Will keep praying.

God bless

by shirley124 22 Oct 2017

Congratulations to all. So precious. Hugs

by dragonflyer 22 Oct 2017

Congratulations...a long time wish is now a blessing come true...may she continue to thrive and get stronger every day...she is beautiful...

by rescuer Moderator 22 Oct 2017

I love this! She is beautiful. Congratulations to all, but especially the mom. That is hard labor!

by lbrow 22 Oct 2017

How precious she is Gerry. My 1st weighed in at 3# 10 oz. She is in her 60s now with Grand children. They did not even have NICUs back then. Little Evelyn Grace with God's Grace will thrive. Will keep you all in my prayers, Lillian

by graceandham 22 Oct 2017

Well hi darling. You look so comfortable in Mom's arms. So happy for you all.

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Oct 2017

Congratulations to all and enjoy the cuddles when she comes home

by jrob Moderator 22 Oct 2017

Oh, Gerry, that baby girl is beautiful and what a blessing! You can bet that I wont quit praying for her. Welcome Evelyn Grace.

by pennifold 22 Oct 2017

Praise God Gerry that Evelyn has finally arrived and isn't she perfect? Hope Mum has a good recovery now that she can rest a bit!!! Love to all, Chris

by 02kar Moderator 22 Oct 2017

Look at Mama glowing! I'm happy to meet Evelyn Grace. I'm grateful she managed to stay in the womb as long as she did. Enjoy your new bundle of joy. She's beautiful!

by laurasomi 22 Oct 2017

She looks so sweet, God bless that lil Princess,