by marianb 20 Oct 2017

I had my GD Bella here to do some sewing for her teachers present for this year. This is what she made, 90% was done by her with just a little help from nan. I will be the last one she'll do for a teacher as she goes to High School next year. The bag design is from Sweet Pea and the towel design from Embroidery Library. Hope you like them. Marian


by pennifold 20 Oct 2017

Well done Marian, it will be cherished by the teacher. My daughter Dana is a teacher and she gets lovely presents from her students. Love Chris

by kustomkuddle 20 Oct 2017

She did a wonderful job. Such thoughtful gifts. And how awesome that your granddaughter is learning how to sew and embroider!

by sonjapotgieter 20 Oct 2017

Well done!!!Gorgeous!!

by pennyhal2 20 Oct 2017

It's wonderful that you are able to pass down your sewing expertise to your grand daughter! The teacher will love having these and remember her student for years to come. I still have student gifts in my house. A special one given to me from a special girl still sits on my dresser.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Oct 2017

Lucky teacher. Your granddaughter did a wonderful job.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Oct 2017

That is one fortunate teacher. I had a gift made by a student and I still keep it. It's very special to me. Bella is a lovely young lady and you have given her a special gift that she will share for the rest of her life. High Five to 2 wonderful ladies.

by toogie 20 Oct 2017

They are both beautiful and her teacher (you and her school teacher) should be very proud of what she can do. Give her an A+ from me!

by graceandham 20 Oct 2017

Very nice job on both. I'll just put in the good word for the high school teachers. If she has a special teacher next year, why not. My friend who taught kindergarten brought home a box lid at Christmas with 39 little gifts of toilet water, etc. every year like clockwork. As a high school teacher, I was given two gifts ever. I can still remember the name and sweet face of the child who gave me the second gift, and the way she proudly added that she had earned the money herself babysitting. It was a not expensive silver looking tray from the drug store, but to her, I'm sure it was the most beautiful silver tray and she wanted me to have it. Thanks again, Shawn, twenty nine years later!

by dragonflyer 20 Oct 2017

She did an excellent should be very proud!

by Sewmum1 20 Oct 2017

What a lovely gift. Many teachers here are often given chocolate and they really appreciate something a little different that doesn't put on any weight!