by kryztyna 18 Oct 2017

Hello all, I come seeking help.

I have Elna 8007 embroidery machine that I have been using as a backup sewing machine. I now want to use it for embroidery BUT I am unable to find the EnVision Scan PC and Dream Vision computer software that I used with it or any of my Envision cards..
It must have crossed the Madera Bridge and gone to embroidery heaven because I can't find them.
Is there any other option as I am unable to buy these as it it an old machine.
I would appreciate some advice.
Thanks Christine


by kustomkuddle 19 Oct 2017

Not sure if this is an option. I have a Rose embroidery machine that I kept for regular sewing after getting a newer machine. My husband inadvertently threw out the embroidery reader and computer hookup for the Rose. I had it in for repairs earlier this year and just happened to ask if anyone knew where I could get a replacement. The tech looked at me like I was crazy. He came back a few minutes later with one in his hand! Said he had about 10 of them back in the workshop. I got it at no cost!.

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kryztyna by kryztyna 19 Oct 2017

oh wow aren't you the lucky one! How awesome was that. Hope you have may years pleasure from it.

by sandyqueen 18 Oct 2017

Try Ebay they have a band new software, card etc...Get computer advice as this is old windows software, 95, 98, NT.


asterixsew by asterixsew 18 Oct 2017

ebay and similar are my suggestion too

kryztyna by kryztyna 19 Oct 2017

Thanks, I have contacted my brother in law in the US to get this for me. I have a laptop that is still running on old windows xp. Will find out about that.