by graceandham 16 Oct 2017

Sugartoes had his first bath in 8 years of being Most Favored Cat. Wow, can he yowl and growl. He has had three months of flea meds and still had fleas and scratching all the time. (Think I got a bad batch.) Well, he survived and feels much better now and I survived with NO scratches. Maybe he'll forgive me by tomorrow. Tonight he is cutting a wide arc to avoid me.


by zoefzoef 17 Oct 2017

don't you just love cats ?

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graceandham by graceandham 17 Oct 2017

They are the best - and the worst. Sugartoes was a horrible cat with lots of bad habits, until Dubba died (cat), then he became the star of the show. I didn't know he wanted to be an only child.

by cfidl 17 Oct 2017

I can only imagine. I am not sure if I could give my cat a bath. Haha, so glad you both survived the ordeal.

by sewtired 16 Oct 2017

Sorry about the fleas. Glad you both survived the bath. Be very careful if you have to give him a second one. DH and I gave one of our cats a medicated bath because she was loosing her fur. We were supposed to give her a bath once a week (or maybe once a month). Doesn't matter, she only got 2. We all survived the first, but she tried to give me a face lift during the second. I decided she could just be bald at that point. Fortunately for all concerned, she stopped loosing fur after the 2nd bath. As for the fleas, we've been very happy with a product called "Comfortis". It's supposed to be given monthly, but we find it lasts much longer than a month. BTW, I'm sure he's forgiven you by now. They don't usually hold a grudge for too long, do they?

graceandham by graceandham 16 Oct 2017

Face lift???? Oh, my.

sewtired by sewtired 17 Oct 2017

DH lost hold of her paws and I averted my face just in time. She grabbed my head from behind just above my ears on both sides. DH extracted me with no scratches, just small claw holes in the hairline. As I said, at that point I decided she could lose all her hair with my blessings - no more baths! So be extra careful if you need to do a second bath.

sewtired by sewtired 17 Oct 2017

I hope he's forgiven you by now.

by pacmp 16 Oct 2017

Oh dear! I am grateful Mr Sugartoes is now flea free, hopefully he will be staying that way in coming months. I do hope his wide arc around you will diminish quickly so you can give him his extra cuddles that he has well earned! Pam

by 02kar Moderator 16 Oct 2017

I'm glad you survived the bath. I bet Sugartoes will be feeling a lot better now and I hope the fleas are all gone for good. There is never any doubt about how insulted a cat gets, is there. i hope the cuddles begin soon.

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graceandham by graceandham 16 Oct 2017

Bo doubt.

by lbrow 16 Oct 2017

They are very very good at letting us know when they are mad at us.