by loosie 16 Oct 2017

I'm thinking of making a patch. Before is mess it up (most likely I will) just wondering if anyone have some pointers, hints of how to make one. I tried to make one a few years ago and it was a flop. Any suggestions from the cutie members would be most helpful.

The center design would be a horse silhouette. Which I'll currently looking for a design as well, if anyone knows where to find one of just the horse head. Thanks :)


by marianb 22 Oct 2017

Have you looked on Designs By Sick they have horses you might find useful. Marian

by pennifold 22 Oct 2017

Hi Loosie, I found quite a few by typing in Horse Head machine embroidery in Google search. I won't post the sites, just in case I'm not allowed to. Anyway, have a look on there as the sites I saw are reputable. Good luck with the making of the patch. Love Chris

by airyfairy 22 Oct 2017

I have found that an extremely thick stablizer works the best.

by pennyhal2 16 Oct 2017

Make sure your iron will get hot enough to activate the backing. The ones I'm familiar with require a 350ยบ iron temperature. My iron doesn't get that hot.

loosie by loosie 16 Oct 2017

Thanks Pennyhal2. Not sure is my iron gets hot enough :(

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 18 Oct 2017

You can probably take it to a local dry cleaners and have them steam press it for you...they probably would not charge very much if anything at all...

by basketkase 16 Oct 2017

Hi Loosie.....I posted a link to the backing I use on my patches, it makes them stable and you can iron it on the garment, but I stitch it on even when using this backing........patches are pretty easy once you do one..... 2 types I use are thread filled or fabric filled, the fabric ones work more like an applique....make sure that the outer satin stitch is denser so it closes up the outer edge nicely.......

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loosie by loosie 16 Oct 2017

Thanks Vickie :)