by lbrow 15 Oct 2017

Dear friends I managed to get to church this morning and I had what my daughter calls a" Come a parter". Just before the pastor spoke 6 yr old Abby announced she wanted to sing a song for GiGi(me) she had brought her CD with the music on it, asked her dad to play it and stepped up on the stage took the mike from the stand and after the music intro calmly began to sing" It's going to be Alright"a Gospel song. Well for the first time I could not keep the tears back. Her mom said it was all her on idea, no adult had anything to do with it. When she finished she hung the mike back up and came over and hugged me.. Not a dry eye in the church and visitors who did not even know anything about what it was about except for an elderly woman on a walker. Oh the love I feel. Just had to share this with you/Lillian


by cfidl 17 Oct 2017

Wow! Sharing your experience has warmed my heart. Thank you.

by haleymax 16 Oct 2017

Such a sweet loving young girl. She has been taught with love about love. Such a great gift from her.

by snowbird42 16 Oct 2017

Oh Lillian how wonderful and yes it made my eyes leak too.....soozie

by 02kar Moderator 16 Oct 2017

What a testimony to the love you have sown on this world. Blessing to you and to all of your family. This is a wonderful story to wake up to and has made my day. Abby is a wonderful child and and a hope for this broken world. Please give a cutie hug to her and to her parents. And here's another hug for you too,

by dee 16 Oct 2017

Brought tears to my eye also. God Bless you and your family. What a wonderful thing for Abby to do for you Hugs to you

by lidiad 16 Oct 2017

Thank you for sharing this story with us, Lillian. Not a dry eye here as well. Your family love you and that's a great blessing.
Hugs, Lidia

by gdsteliga 16 Oct 2017

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment. It is stories like this that give this broken word hope.
You are a very blessed lady. A big hug from me.


by pennifold 16 Oct 2017

Oh! my what a wonderful story Miss Lillian. How precious that Abby sang for you, I'd be crying my eyes out if I heard her. As you know I lead the singing in my church and if I see someone crying I cannot look at them I have to turn away. There are so many songs that are so touching. God bless all of you and thanks for sharing. Love Chris

by gerryvb 16 Oct 2017

oh how wonderful, reading this my tears are coming too....I wished I was there to feel and to hear her sing for you. What a blessing for you , but also for everyone that was present. What a wonderful 6 years old little girl....Thank you for sharing this precious moment . hugs/love , Gerry

by dailylaundry 16 Oct 2017

Tears in my eyes.... what love, what sweet love!!! Well done, Abby!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Oct 2017

In church I would have had a flood of tears. Just reading about it made me tear up. So sweet and I am so glad you felt the love this little lady send your way. Blessings for you and your family.

by barba 15 Oct 2017

Tears flowing here also. You are certainly blessed and loved very much. You did a wonderful job raising your children and they in turn are raising you wonderful grandchildren. Hugs and blessings, Barba

by shirley124 15 Oct 2017

That was just wonderful of her to sing that song for you. Big hugs

by mops Moderator 15 Oct 2017

Moved me to tears as well. May the love of your loved ones continue to give you strength!

by jrob Moderator 15 Oct 2017

Blessings all around us and you just take yours with you. They've caught your precious heart and you've made me teary, too.

by toogie 15 Oct 2017

Not a dry eye here either! How can there be so much hate in this world, when love feels so good. You have a beautiful family who love you and your Cute family does too.
Only 1 week-Birmingham 12:30pm-October 22-you know the place-hope you can make it

by graceandham 15 Oct 2017

You have had some precious moments with your family in all these trials lately. Give Abby a big hug from me for loving Lillian so much.

by dragonflyer 15 Oct 2017 very certainly have many angels looking after you...

by kustomkuddle 15 Oct 2017

And Jesus said "Let the children come unto me." Oh to have the faith of a child! You are so blessed. Sending hugs and prayers.

by irenewayne 15 Oct 2017

lovely story. What a caring little girl

by rescuer Moderator 15 Oct 2017

I am grateful you have family nearby and that they care so much for you. Even in all your trials -- you are blessed. May you continue to feel loved. You are cherished here for sure!