by graceandham 14 Oct 2017

Did a show today that could do me in forever from shows. You ever have one of those? First, they had a play area for the little kids at the far end of the festival with wonderful outdoor toys. The parents wandered off and left the kids there, falling and tripping over roots for yours truly to see to. Then a woman came and smoked all over me under my tent (have asthma) and my beautiful machine stitching and knitted baby hats and pillows. At least 15 customers told me how beautifully done all my gorgeous work was and walked off without buying anything. The event gave us one and one half hours unimpaired to sell - 9 to 10:30. Then they started dishing up the BBQ and my customers went away to eat. They promoted the Barnyard Bingo, the Quilt Raffle, the Haywagon Ride, the two auctions, the gift certificated hidden in the auction items, etc. Then, several more announcements and the results of the silent auction, then the live auction that ate up 45 minutes plus for about 15 items. When that ended all my potential customers stood and left (1:25.) Then the cooks cleaned up and left. The festival organizer came by to say how the vendors just "make" the festival every year. I wasn't feeling the love. Probably 100 announcements over the P.A. and not one single reminder all day to drop by and support our loyal vendors by selecting some Christmas gifts.... Vent, vent, vent. Thanks - I feel better.


by noah 17 Oct 2017

I can't sit still long enough to sale like that ****now i am glad i don't try****Hope things bright up in the sales department for you hugs

by cfidl 17 Oct 2017

That really bums. Still I hope you have a prosperous holiday season.

by pennyhal2 16 Oct 2017

Yes. I know how you feel. I've learned that if a craft show just begs you to be part of their "fabulous" show, it probably is a good idea to stay home. Learned to watch kids closely as they can be destructive, and then there are the people who steal things...etc. etc. ect....

by kustomkuddle 15 Oct 2017

I totally the way you feel. I did one show that I thought had been advertised well (mistake) Few customers showed up. Did not even make enough to pay for the booth. They keep sending me applications, but I have not responded. Vent all you want. Hoping and praying you have a better day! Sending a cyber hug.

by meganne 15 Oct 2017

Sounds like you have every reason to be upset so I hope your vent helped, even if just a little.
Sending healing hugs your way.

by dailylaundry 15 Oct 2017

I have a small craft fair at the end of the month. I have been working so hard for weeks - last night, I wondered if anyone would even realize how much work goes into getting ready for a fair. Hugs to you - I understand your venting!!! Laura

by joansatx 15 Oct 2017

Sounds more like Market Days than a Craft Fair. Hope your next one is just for crafters!

by basketkase 15 Oct 2017

Wow, sounds like they had way too much going on for a craft fair to survive.....Was it only one day? The should have had the craft fair one day by itself then the next day add the other stuff, at least you hard workers would have had one day to be focused sorry this happened...

by 02kar Moderator 15 Oct 2017

Vent away. I think you have a right to feel as you do. I'm so sorry. Can you mention nicely ( that you did not sell as much as you could have because of all the announcements and any other concerns you have? I'm sure you vendors make choices of where to sell your beautiful things. I admit, much as I love sharing the things I make, I can not sell them. I would be too upset with the same issues you have mentioned.

by marianb 15 Oct 2017

Sound like a bad day.. Do you need a hug..

by airyfairy 15 Oct 2017

I am so sorry it didn't go well for you. Hope you have better success in the future.

by sewist1 14 Oct 2017

Yes the vendors make their day by paying good money for the sites.

The customers sound pretty typical of the ones I see at some of the stalls I have had.

sewist1 by sewist1 14 Oct 2017

Oh yes I forgot the parents who let their kids handle all your goods as well.

basketkase by basketkase 15 Oct 2017

With sticky hands.......I had one parent leave my tent saying goodbye to her 4 year old that was hiding amongst my hanging scarves......I told her "I charge xtra to babysit"...she laughed, not knowing how serious I was....

by dragonflyer 14 Oct 2017

So sorry...bummer of a day..