by 02kar Moderator 13 Oct 2017

I have to share something my handsome hubby said to a friend the other day. He said that all of my fabric,threads, etc were hoarded. But all of the tools he has in his man cave are bench stock. I couldn't help but laugh. It's just another example of how differently men and women think.


by toogie 14 Oct 2017

My dh doesn't SAY too much anymore (wouldn't do any good if he did-lol) but I know he THINKS I have enough (and I do) but you always need that perfect piece to contrast with what you already have or another notion or gadget.
Now on the other hand, if it's hunting stuff, he NEEDS that!-lol

by sdrise 14 Oct 2017

I have not had a lot of time to smile or check into cute with what we are going through with the cats. BUT you made me smile this morning. I can just picture Rob saying this with conviction and a twinkle in his eye.. hehe

by meganne 14 Oct 2017

I must be so blessed.
I dread taking my hubby with me to craft shows because he encourages me to buy anything and everything I look at, (except for dolls and bears).

It's his fault I even started doing machine embroidery (then digitising). I only went into the shop to buy a pair of thread snips for my sewing and while I was checking out the range he was watching the sales lady demonstrating machine embroidery.
Next thing I knew I had FOUR embroidery machines, including the expensive Husqvarna Diamond.

NOW, if I want to buy something expensive, (but also know that I will argue myself out of it), I take him with me because he will hold my arm up my back and make me buy it! :-) LOL!!!
I truly am one lucky lady but I also have to put the reins on his own spending as he is a shopaholic! :-)

02kar by 02kar 14 Oct 2017

We are very blessed. And my room shows it. He often asks if I need anything or do I need to stop at a store. He knows I can't shop like i used to thanks to my chronic vertigo so gives me ample opportunity to add to my very well stocked room.

graceandham by graceandham 14 Oct 2017

Wouldn't Dennis be surprised to know a pair of scissors started your downfall into embroidering? Hehehe.

by marianb 14 Oct 2017

I'm sure that's what all males think.. But we know better. Thanks for the giggles. Marian

by graceandham 14 Oct 2017

We just have to change the vocabulary on this. In my sewing room I have yards and yards of ...TOOLS.

02kar by 02kar 14 Oct 2017

I'll have to remember this one

toogie by toogie 14 Oct 2017

lol Betsey

by zoefzoef 14 Oct 2017

Funny, even when we do live apart, sometimes far away.. some things are always the same.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Oct 2017

That made me laugh. My husband would have told me over and over again, why not use up what I have, before I get more.

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marianb by marianb 14 Oct 2017

mine too.. :)

by Sewmum1 13 Oct 2017

That's funny. Sounds just like something my hubby would say!

by dailylaundry 13 Oct 2017

This made me laugh!! Sometime my DH shakes his head if my craft room is messy - I think to myself, he should glance at his office!!!

02kar by 02kar 14 Oct 2017

I think our hubbies are related.

toogie by toogie 14 Oct 2017

Laura, I have been sewing up a storm and when my husband brought his cousin in here for something, I could have died. It LOOKED like a real storm came through! (Just my sewing room not the whole house, thank goodness!) The guy just said, "I didn't know you could sew".-lol

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 14 Oct 2017

Toogie, I personally think a messy craft room means we have been busy!!!!!