by barba 13 Oct 2017

I would like to know if there are any legal batman, batwoman, etc designs available. I think they are DC comics and not Disney. I have searched but only found some on sites I feel are illegal. I have a brother machine but could not find these at ibroideries. I also have been asked by my DIL to put some Mickey Mouse designs on her work apron. She works part time for a big hardware store. She also has a friend at work that loves Mickey Mouse and would like him on her apron. Am concerned that this may not be okay because the apron is commercial with store name on it. Any ideas??? Do not want to get in trouble! I am having too much fun with new machine but also do not want to tell DIL no if this may be okay. Thank you very much for any suggestions and help. Hugs and Blessings, Barba


by meganne 14 Oct 2017

Hi Barba, I have sent you a pm but forgot to add:
that the store your DIL works for would more than likely object to having their aprons compromised with cartoon characters on them, so she would definitely need to get written permission, from the store owner, first. Huge hugs, Meganne

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barba by barba 14 Oct 2017

Thank you. Yes, she did ask if she could have the apron embroidered with Mickey and they did not care but I was afraid Disney might consider their character on the apron an endorsement of this business and be upset. I love to sew for my family and friends but do not want a hassle or do anything illegal. Huge hugs back to you with much thanks, Barba

by mrskiki 14 Oct 2017

I think you can use your legal designs that came with your machine or bought from ibroidery for the aprons as it is a gift to her and not sold. Also believe that although the other designs you asked about are not Disney, they are still copyrighted and so any you find out there are illegal. Hugs. Nan W

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barba by barba 14 Oct 2017

Thank you. I figured they would be copyrighted is why I did not dare get them from the sites I found as there were also Disney designs available there. I love to sew and embroider but want to do it legally. Hugs, Barba

by rescuer Moderator 13 Oct 2017

DC and Marvel are just as aggressive with their copyright licensing. You can ask your dealer about the Mickey Mouse issue.

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barba by barba 14 Oct 2017

Thank you. I just want the batman and batgirl for my grandkids shirts but want to obtain them legally. Hugs, Barba