by stock 13 Oct 2017

skeldale house has a christmas box, down bottom of page


by joycedia 14 Oct 2017

found the site but there is not a "box" to D/L at the "bottom of the page". Help??

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eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 16 Oct 2017

click the picture

by pennyhal2 14 Oct 2017

Wow! I hope someone stitches it out just so I can see how beautiful the results are!

by zoefzoef 14 Oct 2017

I got this long time ago and have sewed it in satin. Looked super nice

by markus 13 Oct 2017

Thank you

by gramsbear 13 Oct 2017

Thanx sew much, I may have gotten it in 2006, but apparently lost it since then! So I appreciate getting it again. When a Crash occurs, you can't remember all you lose!

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by dragonflyer edited 13 Oct 2017

Yes, it is lovely and for older Cuties, it is from 2006...

by genin 13 Oct 2017

Thank you very much
The surprise is very beautiful

by stock 13 Oct 2017, when I put a web site in, I tried it in "links" in freebies thread, it didn't come up, am I doing something wrong...wendy

pennifold by pennifold 13 Oct 2017

Wendy I don't think you need a slash after the com!!!

Love Chris

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 13 Oct 2017

it is on the bottom of the Bi Weekly Site Special page