by arisann 11 Oct 2017

I was wondering if login could be fixed on the Cute Alphabet site. When I try to login it says " not secure". So I am not signing in because if it says this, something must be wrong. Please check it out for me. Thanks so much.


by shirley124 07 Aug 2018

I have this showing on the top bar of a lot of sites. I have only just noticed it the morning. (Wed 8th August). It is on other sites as well other than Cute Sites. Wondering why.

rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2018

First, nothing has changed about the security of this website that we have had for many years. You are safe here to do business. The website switches to the higher level of security anytime money is involved.
A major change on the internet recently happened. The goal is to make hacking harder. Signing in here doesn't really need to be "secure" like that until you pay money. This website is completely secure for any transaction involving money. Major changes have to happen to this website (lots of work) before Cute can transition to the new https required format.

shirley124 by shirley124 08 Aug 2018

Thanks for the explanation.

by rescuer Moderator 11 Oct 2017

I understand what you are seeing, but there is nothing "wrong" with the site. Veronika is working on the issue.
What it means when you see it; when you sign in to a website, the internet now requires https instead of http and that secure layer is to prevent identity theft. However, they didn't think of forums etc. when they made the new rule. On Cute websites you are taken to a secure site (paypal) for any payments. If someone steals your sign on information on a Cute site -- there is really nothing to worry about. They won't get your personal information.
Just the same we have notified Miss Veronika. It is safe to visit her websites. It is as safe as it has been for more than a decade.

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arisann by arisann 12 Oct 2017

Thank you so much for clarification on this. I just am caution more now since equfaxx was breached. Love all the site and all the good thing you send to us all. Thank you!