by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Hello Cuties-I wanted to show you my first attempt at making Avery's bibs different. You know I cannot find the waterproof Baby Dry I used to get at Hancock Fabrics, before they went out of business. I use this to back her bibs as she drools so much, it protects her breast harness and her clothing.

Anyway, I have been having to adjust my 'so called pattern' so much, as she is growing at a faster rate the last year. I thought if I could just adjust the neck strap or change out just the neck strap, it would save on some of my baby dry. I could get longer use out of the front of the bib and any embroidery that I may do.
I won't get to test it on her until the week-end as I just went yesterday to see her. I took her outside and the school had some of their decorations out for Halloween. The nurse told me she wouldn't feed Avery until 5:15, so that would have given us a 20 minute walk. Well, we got locked out-lol-they had told me what door to get back inside and it would automatically open...well it didn't- we saw an older resident going around outside in his motorized wheelchair, listening to his headphones. I wheeled Avery up and asked him if he knew how I could get in. He was very helpful and when we got back I apologized to the nurse who had already began the others feedings. She was very nice and said she was sorry we got locked out.
So after Avery was through eating, we went to her room, where I saw she had a very pretty quilt on her bed, that was free motion quilted. I hope it shows in the picture. I also met Avery's room mate, while they were eating. Well, actually I saw her years ago, when Ashley worked at Pediatric Physical Therapy. Her and her sister had therapy there and we would be picking Avery up, as Ashley would bring her to work with her. By the time I finished my bus route and drove the hour there, Avery would be through with her therapy and we would bring her home with us.
Nicki, like Avery, has a twin. Both girls have problems, but Nicki is more severe. The other girl can walk with a walker and I believe she is verbal. Anyway, one day when we were visiting Avery we saw their daddy and the other twin walking in the hallway, touring the facility/school. We heard that he was considering placing Nicki there, because his wife had had a stroke. I was overtaken with grief for this poor couple, this family, this man having to try to just cope with it all. They need our prayers, praying the mom makes a complete recovery. I don't know if the dad has help with the other girl still home while he works and help with his wife. It just tears me up to know the struggles they have had for so long and continue to have.
Anyway, I wanted to say I made this trial bib out of a fat quarter I got at JoAnns yesterday for 62 cents a FQ. I free motion quilted it (but don't look too close-lol) with my wrist brace on, to a piece of fleece. Then backed it with the Baby Dry. I didn't put embroidery on this one because I want to see how it fits making like this.
Well, I am off to bed, so good night or good day Cuties-Toogie


by katmug 11 Oct 2017

Toogie what a gorgeous picture of a beautiful girl !!! She's grown so much ! I love the bib too !!!!!

toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Thank you and yes, she has think she came here weighing ! pound 11 ounces!

katmug by katmug 13 Oct 2017

You are blessed to have her and her you !!! She is just beautiful !!!!
Oh and hope the other family gets the assistance they would benefit from . :)

Patricia103 by Patricia103 09 Nov 2017

My thoughts too. She has grown up so much.
Good job on the bib design.

by shirley124 11 Oct 2017

Lovely photo of Avery. I like your new style of bib. So sad for the family of her room mate. I hope her dad gets all the help he needs. Hugs

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I hope so as well Shirley, he deserves a break.
I hope this new style idea works out. I will see on the week-end.

by kustomkuddle 11 Oct 2017

Avery is such a beautiful young lady! And looks so happy! I love what you have done with the bib. I think the two part will help them last longer as you can adjust the band as needed. My heart goes out to the other family. He and his family have been lifted up in prayer. Thank you for sharing Avery with us!

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Avery is an honorary Cutie, I have to share!-lol-I'm glad Avery has Nicki for her roommate and the family situation is so heart wrenching. I hope the mom can recover with no paralysis. Thanks DebB-Toogie

by dailylaundry 11 Oct 2017

Thank you for the pictures!! Avery is growing up so fast - love her hair and bow!!! Your bibs are ingenious!! The bib looks great - I wonder if it would fit an adult? Keep sharing pictures of your sweet grand!!!

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I'm not taking a picture to show you, you will just have to take me at my word, it fits me. I may have enlarged it too much, but my neck, wrist and ankles are small compared to ALL the rest of me-lol- Thanks Laura.

by stork 11 Oct 2017

Avery sure is growing!!! Love her eyes. The quilt is cute and I bet she loves it. The bib idea is wonderful....hope it works out for you.

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I hope so too. I think I will go ahead and quilt some pieces up, so that when I do make more, after any adjustments, I can get them made before I leave on the 21st. Her other bibs are beginning to almost choke her, because they are so tight around the neck.
Avery's eyes are a beautiful blue, like her mom and dads. You are right about her growing!

by dragonflyer 11 Oct 2017

Well, Avery certainly is growing up to be a beautiful young lady...she looks so pretty in pink and so happy too...looks like she is thriving in her new the new bib style, too...

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I had to stop responding to comments for awhile, as my friend Trudy just came over. I showed her the new style of bib and told her this was my prototype.-lol I will have to see where and if, I need to make adjustments, before I make more.
She has grown over the last year and quickly too. That's why is was so hard for us to lift and carry her. They will be having a big halloween/fall party for them and I think I will be back in time to attend. I sure hope so.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Oct 2017

Wow! Avery is now a young lady and looks so pretty in her pink top. So heart breaking to hear about her roommate's family problems. I have prayed for the mom and dad now. I think pacmp has a great idea for your future bibs too. I'm so glad you show what you are doing with Avery's bibs. I know there are many folks who share the same frustrations for their loved ones.

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I know Karen. I wish I had the backing and batting to supply the whole school with bibs! Lord knows I have enough fabric.-lol
I knew Cuties would lift Nicki's family up in prayer, thanks Karen. Their situation is so overwhelmingly sad.
How have you and DH been since working the shelter? I'm sure God has continued to bless you.

by graceandham 11 Oct 2017

Love the bib idea. She looks so tall. I guess we've been seeing her in dresses mostly. Give our girl a hug from the Cuties.

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I won't see her again until the weekend here at home, but I always wrap her arms around me and mine around her back, so a hug will be easy for me to give from you.
She is tall and filled out, too. There is only a year difference, between her and Cam (my son's child) and he looks so little. He is thin and lot shorter.

by jrob Moderator 11 Oct 2017

Look at out beautiful girl! She is growing up so quickly. I love her bedding, it is so cheerful. Is PUL the same as babydry? If so, you can get it at JoAnn's. It appears to be in stock at a store not too far from me and I'd be happy to go pick you up some and ship it to you. Let me know. I'm hoping the link here will work.

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

You are so kind to offer to help and I do appreciate and thank you. However, I am ok with a good supply right now of Baby Dry since I bought at all the Hancock Fabrics within a 2 hour radius.
Pul is not the same, unfortunately. It will come a time I have to use it, I suppose. I used it for Avery rain poncho but it's not being washed and dried as much as her bibs.
I love her bedding too and her dust ruffle is her signature PINK-lol-all her wheelchairs have been pink.
She has grown and her body has matured. She looks like a teenager already.
Thanks for offering to help again. -Toogie

by pennifold 11 Oct 2017

Wow Toogie, isn't Avery growing up so fast? I like Pam's idea about the bib being done in sections, it would certainly make them last longer.
I was saddened to read about the gentleman with his daughter and now his wife having had a stroke. Some people have to contend with so much!! It really brings it home doesn't it?
I hope your wrist is settling down and that you can get some rest girl!!!!
Sending love and prayers, Chris

toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

I told you all that Avery was growing into a big girl! I know its sometime hard to really tell in pictures, but this baby girl is heavy!-lol-
I welcome any and all suggestions on improving her bibs or saving my BD. I thank Pam & others for theirs. I have plenty Baby Dry right now and it seems to hold up well over the many years or wash and wear, but one day I will run out. I went to every Hancock within a 2 hour drive and bought all they had, before they closed. Some only had 2 yards and others had more or less. Now that I don't have to make the bed pads, it will go even further.
About the other family, what is the saying, 'look around, there are always others worse off than you' so be thankful for what God gives you. I respect this dad so much for trying to hold it all together.
My wrist is a lot better, thank you, but I quilted with the brace on, as I didn't want my wrist to get back as bad as it was. My movements were a little jerky, so that's why I said don't look close.
I have been waiting for your pics, of all the wonderful places you've been these last weeks. That would be a trip of a lifetime for many of us. Glad you and Trevor were able to experience it. I will have to experience it through your photos.(wink-wink)
Have you kept the children since your return or are they letting you catch up? How are the rooms remodeling coming along?
Take care my friend and thanks for prayers for Nicki & her family.-Toogie

pennifold by pennifold 11 Oct 2017

Hi Toogie, I've not downloaded the pictures yet from my Iphone. It's been a bit hectic since we got home. It's finally raining thank God. My poor garden looks dead, we haven't had rain for weeks. I'm off to the hairdressers today with Mum to get my mop cut it - it grows so fast! Tomorrow the carpet is being laid in the upstairs bedrooms. Hopefully my new bed arrives next Wednesday. We need a couple of quotes to get the upstairs bathroom remodelled and praise God the new neighbours who moved in on Friday (across the road) is a young couple and the husband is a Plumber! So I'll get him to come and have a look and give us a quote. He is going to remodel their bathroom. Trev has nearly finished the painting, but he's come down with a nasty cold bug, most probably got it on the plane!
Amy and family has invited me over tonight (Thursday) for a birthday dinner as I don't have her babysitting duties till Monday. I'm collecting Dana's children this afternoon from school. On Sunday morning Ben and the boys will come over to wish me a happy birthday before I go to church! I've done the Powerpoint presentaton for church for our hymns for Sunday and I've got things still to do today to find out how to stop our Kookaburra from tapping our back windows! He's obviously seeing his reflection and just keeps tapping. We are worried about the damage to our flyscreens and we don't want him to get hurt. Silly bird! Love Chris

toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Sounds like you are as busy, as usual, for you. Sorry to hear Trevor is under the weather, but hope he feels better before he has to go back to work.

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by pacmp edited 11 Oct 2017

Just a suggestion since you want to conserve the baby dry for the areas most needed, could you make the front of the bib in 3 sections so that you could add sections together with Kam snaps like you are already doing. The back of neck, would be section #1 and the 3rd or lowest section would not need the lining, just lining the #2 middle section that would include the side neck edge where she likely still also drools and covers the top chest area? Design the 3 sections to have that middle section to cover her drool area, lining just that area. You know the coverage needed, best from your history of working with her, so designing the bib to just have the lining from where drool generally starts down 6 or so inches from the neck if this would be enough to cover where the issue is for her, if not then a bit more. The embroidery could then be on the lowest panel that would kam snap to the other section but then would not need the protection layer. Hope this makes sense, just trying to think of how to save your lining for the areas her drool tends to be, and just having basic coverage in the other areas. Thanks for sharing her pictures she really has grown a great deal in the past 6 months! A beautiful young lady! Also how special that she has known her room mate in the past. Hope it helps the girls as well as both families. Pam

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Thanks for your ideas. Trouble is, Avery moves her head so much drool goes all over the front. This is one reason I also made the bib a little wider. I usually just increase the neck hole, but this will be a total re-make.
What I did think like you, to save my Baby Dry, is to not line the neck portion with BD. I probably need to quilt that part after I had sewn it together, since I quilt it to fleece, or quilt like I usually do, then line it with the same fabric instead of BD lining. What do you think?

by marianb 11 Oct 2017

Your bib idea is great, you could also add a piece of tape to each side with press studs at different spacing's so they can be used longer as she grows. her quilt is very pretty. Marian

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

Thank you Marian, I like the quilt too. I think what I will do when I get her a good supply of new larger bibs made, I will donate to the school. We have so many she has outgrown and the school needs all sizes. I am planning on embroidering the initials of the school on the neck, so it can be seen easily and they won't put them with Avery's clothing. I may use your idea for later. Thanks-T

by cogs42 11 Oct 2017

I love this idea of your bib.

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toogie by toogie 11 Oct 2017

So you think it will work better. I need to get more wear for her waterproof backing. Thanks