by sewfrenzie 10 Oct 2017

I finally got a quilt machine!! Yahoo!!

So here is a lap quilt that I practiced my quilting on. My machine is not one you program your design into so I need things to practice on.


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by sewfrenzie edited 11 Oct 2017

The quilting won't show up on this one. This has a checked style print as the back, you can see the quilting stars on the Polar Beat table runner though.

by graceandham 11 Oct 2017

A comely little quilt. Congrats on your new machine.

by lilylady 11 Oct 2017

Congratulations! You have put your machine to go use.

by pennifold 10 Oct 2017

Congratulations on your new quilting machine. I hope you get many years of fun using it. Love this little quilt, but I'm a huge fan of anything with blue in it. Love Chris

by kustomkuddle 10 Oct 2017

Congratulations on your new machine. That is always an exciting time. Have lots of fun!

by dragonflyer 10 Oct 2017

Have fun...and I'm with Sue...gotta show the speaks volumes...

by 02kar Moderator 10 Oct 2017

Lovely and well done.

by spendlove Moderator 10 Oct 2017

Looks great - may we see the back? (The quilting probably shows up better!)