by mops ( edited 09 Oct 2017 ) 09 Oct 2017

A friend loved the notebook I gave her so much, she asked me to make her 10 for her "gift-drawer".

The ones in the first row have a design that is in my EP-4, embroidered on curtain fabric;
the second row are designs by me on linen;
the third row is a design found on my Ruby done on a fairly heavy poplin;
and the bottom on recycled denim is part of a design by Urban Threads (which was too large for the A4-notebook.

At the very top there's a bit peeping out of a cover that has no embroidery on it, but is made from a remnant of upholstery material.

When I started the project both machines threw a tantrum - possibly because I had neglected them for a couple of months) and they were not repaired until 36 hours before my friend came to visit us. Well, I made it in time ... and she paid me almost double what I had asked for. Setting a price is not one of my strong points.


by jrob Moderator 11 Oct 2017

They are just so very pretty and useful. Your work is always so neatly done.

by airyfairy 11 Oct 2017

Love these Martine. Just so pretty and useful as well

by pennifold 10 Oct 2017

Well done Martine, they all look fabulous and such useful items to have in your handbag. Love Chris

by crazypatchmama 10 Oct 2017

Lovely work you do . Can understand why your friend was willing to pay you more for what you ask for :-)

by teun 10 Oct 2017

Zien er allemaal heel mooi uit.Alles ok bij jullie in Norg?

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mops by mops 10 Oct 2017

Dank je. Ja, alles gaat zijn gangetje.

by basketkase 10 Oct 2017

Martine......fabulous notebooks.....these will be received with enthusiasm....your work is so crisp and clean.......great job!!

by lidiad 10 Oct 2017

You always make useful and elegant notebook covers, love all of them!
Hugs, Lidia

by graceandham 09 Oct 2017

Very nice job. Have you seen the folders for small legal pads made out of folded and stitched placemats (all sewing - not an embroidery project unless you made it one.)

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mops by mops 10 Oct 2017

No, I have not. But then I would have to get placemats - or make them - first.

by sonjapotgieter 09 Oct 2017

Fantastic job done...Gorgeous

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Oct 2017

Lovely work and so glad to hear that you were paid extra. I too am not good on the pricing. I love that you have used a selection of fabrics and designs for the notebooks

by lique 09 Oct 2017

They look fantastic.

by spendlove Moderator 09 Oct 2017

Excellent work - I particularly like the denim ones. Setting a price isn't one of my strong points either!

by kustomkuddle 09 Oct 2017

Love them. You did a wonderful job. I'm with you as far as pricing things. My husband always says that I do not charge enough. I just have fun making things!

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Oct 2017

I am glad you made it in time and that you received twice as much money. They turned out perfect.

by toogie 09 Oct 2017

Love them! The red, in the center, flowers look like silk ribbon embroidery. Is this a design of yours? I still want to make at least one journal cover for this trip but time is getting close!!! Great work!

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mops by mops 09 Oct 2017

Yes, it is. You shoule really try a cover. Once you have the measurements right it is a piece of cake. It's the choosing of fabric and designs that take the most time.

by sallylg 09 Oct 2017

Very nice. Love the choice of designs. Would like to know where you found the design for the note book cover.

mops by mops 09 Oct 2017

I made it up. Just folded a piece of tear-away over the notebook and used that as a pattern adding 1 cm at all sides. I made an ITH design for the smaller A5 ones, but do these larger ones on the sewing machine. Embroidering one on one machine and sewing the other with my sewing machine.

sallylg by sallylg 09 Oct 2017

Thank you for that information. I will do that myself, never thought to do it that way. Thanks again.

by dragonflyer 09 Oct 2017

Great job, Martine...It is understandable why she loved them so much...

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mops by mops 09 Oct 2017

Thank you.