by 02kar Moderator 07 Oct 2017

To all in Alabama and NW Florida. Stay safe and dry. I know Nate isn't a big storm, but it's still best to be cautious.


by graceandham 09 Oct 2017

I'm okay, just soggy soil. No digging for a few days. Oh, and some more of my hill rolled downhill. Several gullywashers and lost many of my fall leaves early. Thanks for thinking of us.

by maleah 09 Oct 2017

I pray all is dry and safe. Tennessee just got a wee bit of rain- so far

by lildoll2 09 Oct 2017

hi remember me i'm the scardy cat who got a 6needle pr655 brother embroidery machine, i was hoping it ok to ask you a question,.. i am having a lot of trouble learning how to get around it ,.. i hate that book they sent, it is awful ,you read something then they say go back to page ## to find the answer, sometimes it says go the other way to figure it out, ##!!%% ***, ..i have watched every video i could find, some don't make any since. then there is those that i can't keep up with, i have to keep rewinding and look again. is there any videos i can find that i can just learn the basics. turn on ,..turn off, get them colors figured out. where to put them so the colors belong ... i was so happy , now i feel i may have made a big mistake, my repair guy helped me a lot , but he lives 50 miles away and i can't expect him to come every time i get a problem.. does anyone know of videos on the computer that maybe i haven't seen yet . i really need some help. im not a quiter, but my brain is about to give out,, please thank you doris

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02kar by 02kar 09 Oct 2017

I have sent you a PM. Don't be afraid to post your questions in the embroidery section of Community. Many more people will see it and those with Brother machines will be able to help you too.

by lbrow 07 Oct 2017

Thank you Karen/Lillian