by snowbird42 06 Oct 2017

Towel hand Towel...I thought the laundry needed a punch of colour...the towel goes over the washing machine when not in use and the hand towel on the wall rail. The designs are from embroidery Library


by sonjapotgieter 08 Oct 2017

Awesome design!!!Gorgeous

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 08 Oct 2017

Thanks sonja my daughter the one with crazy humor thinks i put laundry on the towel so i wont forget where the laundry

by zoefzoef 08 Oct 2017

Lovely design !

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 08 Oct 2017

thank you Zoefzoef...soozie

by lilylady 07 Oct 2017

Beautiful color and nice design.

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snowbird42 by snowbird42 07 Oct 2017

Thanks Lilylady...soozie

by toogie 06 Oct 2017

You can do my laundry and I'll pay you more than 50 cents...say, what do you charge for sweeping and mopping? Now that's what I really need help with!-lol
Love the colors of the towels and the design. This is so pretty.

snowbird42 by snowbird42 07 Oct 2017

Hi Toogie do you think they meant 50centsper you pay the air fare and i will gladly sweep and mop for

toogie by toogie 07 Oct 2017

If they did mean per item, too pricey for me!-lol-I will tell my DH about the air fare, the next day it is time to mop. -lol