by edithfarminer 05 Oct 2017

Nonnienoo creations is giving a very cute Gingerbread boy and girl ornament but ask you to post a couple to her in the UK to hang in the children's ward at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. This is a specialist Cancer hospital. Please try and support her and think of the children's faces how fab it will look to have so many hanging in the room near Christmas. Please contact her for the design. Easiest is by PM via the Nonnienoo creations Facebook group. Thank you.


by joansatx 06 Oct 2017

Sent 4 yesterday. Fun to see each day all that arrive.

by sewist1 05 Oct 2017

I would but refuse to join any more Facebook groups. I have too many to read now.

sewntrouble by sewntrouble 05 Oct 2017

You can also contact her from her website. Just click the "Contact Us" I know how you feel about two many Facebook groups

sewist1 by sewist1 07 Oct 2017


by lilylady 05 Oct 2017

Mine should be there any day. My picture didn't turn out very good