by grossfamilie 04 Oct 2017

Hi Cuties! I don't know whether this is news for personal or crafting; so I write here. I have double news - didn't dare to announce before. My eldest son and his wife are expecting boy twins in November. They were married for four years and tried to have a baby for long time. And now it will be two. The whole family is excited - especially my twin daughters which are now going to be aunties of twins :-) I knitted two sweaters and hats for next spring when the boys will be six months but still have to do a lot of sewing and embroidering. This was just a bit summer knitting :-) Hugs Maria - now going on a holiday to Turkey to be relaxed when the twins arrive :-)


by pennifold 10 Oct 2017

Great news Maria, new babies in families is always wonderful. Great picture of the twins showing off the new twin's jumpers. I hope all goes well and now sit back and enjoy Turkey. We had a wonderful time there a few years ago. Love Chris

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by toogie edited 10 Oct 2017

Well Maria, congratulations on the expecting births and on the fine job you have made using your needles. They will look adorable wearing them (and so do the Aunties-lol). Enjoy your holiday! How long will you be gone?

I KNOW I commented days ago, but I must have forgotten to hit Submit.....:( now I had to pass out 20 flowers for being late!-lol

by gerryvb 10 Oct 2017

great news, and lovely knitting too :)

by lbrow 06 Oct 2017

How wonderful! So very happy for you/Lillian

by cfidl 05 Oct 2017

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

by airyfairy 05 Oct 2017

Congratulations to you all

by 02kar Moderator 05 Oct 2017

I just LOVE good news!, I think that is a great picture of the twin aunts showing off the sweaters for the new twins. Congrats to you all.

by dee 05 Oct 2017

Good news. Congratulation to you and family. Enjoy the twins

by kustomkuddle 05 Oct 2017

What wonderful news! Congratulations. The twins will be stylin' in their new clothes!

by dragonflyer 05 Oct 2017

Congratulations, Maria...very exciting news!

by marianb 05 Oct 2017

Congratulations.. Great sweater sets the boys will look adorable. Marian

by lidiad 05 Oct 2017

Congratulations! The sweater sets are adorable!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewmom 04 Oct 2017

Congratulations! Beautiful sweater sets!

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Oct 2017

How awesome. Congratulations. Love the sweaters you knitted. Twins are a special gift and after waiting for 4 years this is really a blessing. Double the pleasure, double the fun.

by Sewmum1 04 Oct 2017

Congratulations on double the fun! Love the sweaters, so cute

by jrob Moderator 04 Oct 2017

Congratulations and ADORABLE!

by rescuer Moderator 04 Oct 2017


by barba 04 Oct 2017

Double congratulations with hugs, Barba

by graceandham 04 Oct 2017

Wonderful news. The older twins will be able to help the parents of the new twins understand how twins are. Also, will make for great family pictures! Congratulations and have fun.

by pacmp 04 Oct 2017

Beautiful sweaters that your very beautiful twin daughters are holding for their future nephews! You will be very busy sewing and crafting in so many different ways, so much fun is in store for the whole family! Enjoy each blessed moment! Congratulations! Pam

by dalebugbowl 04 Oct 2017