by gandu 02 Oct 2017

good morningto all cuties sorry I have not been on the sight for a long time .many things had happen since move the house got sick machine broke down got so depress and now hubby bought me janome horizon memory craft 12000 and I cannot get my horizon link to work down loaded the horizon link to the pc and connected the machine to the pc but when I send the design to the machine it keep saying connect usb cord do I have to do some thing more i do not know please help thanks brenda


by rachap 02 Oct 2017

Sorry I can't help you but Keep trying different things and eventually you will get it!!There is always a learning curve when you get a new machine. I know mine does far more than I use so I try to learn just one thing at a time and sometimes it takes a couple of days. the best think it to just walk away for awhile. Meantime just have fun and enjoy your new machine.

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gandu by gandu 03 Oct 2017


by babash 02 Oct 2017

I don't have this machine but looked it up and there is a you tube video showing the plugging in.
Have to loaded your software to your PC?

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gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2017

thank you for replying I managed to figure it out
hug brenda

by toogie 02 Oct 2017

I'm sorry I can't help with your embroidery machine or pc problem. All I can do is lift you up and hope that things get better for you soon. Sometimes when things happen, it seems it is one after the other. Try to stay focused, time changes things. so maybe it won't be to long you will be through the worse. Like rescuer said, 'Hang in there' we are here for you!

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gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2017

thanks toogle I am hanging in there
love brenda

by rescuer Moderator 02 Oct 2017

I do not have a Janome, but make sure you have connected a usb cable from the Machine to the PC. The square end goes into the embroidery machine. The other to the PC.
If you have done this and still receive the error, perhaps someone with a machine like yours will be along to help.

Hang in there Brenda. We care about you!

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gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2017

thanks for caring
hug brenda