by kathymourie 28 Sep 2017

I haven't posted in a while. As most of you know I went on a sewing cruise last year with Missy Billingsley. We leave this year on Saturday to drive to Fl. The ship is leaving on Sunday afternoon. We lost one of our "Sewing Sisters" in Feb, so this year her daughter is going with us. We are going to try to do our best to celebrate Betsy's life. She loved sewing and teaching sewing classes. My health is not as good as it was last year. I have fibromyalgia and with the new laws it's hard for me to get my pain pills. I will let you know about when we get back on Sunday Oct 8.


by toogie 29 Sep 2017

Have a fun time and great stitching! Can't wait to see what you make this time.

by airyfairy 29 Sep 2017

Have a wonderful time. The trip will do you the world of good.

by Sewmum1 28 Sep 2017

I am sure you will have a lovely time. It will be a healing time for your friends daughter to be able to come and spend some time with you also. Sending prayers you can get some pain relief too

by 02kar Moderator 28 Sep 2017

I'm so glad you are going on the sewing cruise again this year. I know it will be different but I'm sure Betsy's daughter is going to have the time of her life with you all. I think so many meds are now on a list. What a shame for those who need them, like you. Health care is getting harder and harder to use, I think. But go have a wonderful time and I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures. Is Missy teaching again?

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kathymourie by kathymourie 28 Sep 2017

Thank you! Yes Missy is teaching. That's the main reason I go.

by pennifold 28 Sep 2017

Have a great time Kathy even though your friend is not there with you this year. It is llwonderful however that Betsey's daughter is coming along this year. Please show us what you have made when you get back. ❤️ Chris

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kathymourie by kathymourie 28 Sep 2017

Thank you! I will, I'm going to take more pictures this time.

by dragonflyer 28 Sep 2017

So sad for you with the loss of your friend, Betsy...but so nice that her daughter will join you this year on the cruise...Have a wonderful time and hope that you are not in the path of any hurricanes!

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kathymourie by kathymourie 28 Sep 2017

Thank you. I hope the storms go the other way!!!

by kustomkuddle 28 Sep 2017

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I know this trip will be "different" without her with you. I am sure you will all remember her fondly as you celebrate her life. I hope you have a wonderful time. I feel for you with the new pain medication laws as I have the same difficulty. I can understand the reasons behind the law, but for those of us who need them to function, it decreases quality of life.

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kathymourie by kathymourie 28 Sep 2017

Thank you. I have been taking pain meds for 20 years and haven't over dosed I don't think I will now.