by sewtired 27 Sep 2017

Not sure where to place these questions, but here goes. I lost a lot of things to the flood from Harvey.

I need to replace my iron. Wondering what you all would recommend, I'm intrigued by Oliso and have heard lots of good about Rowenta. I used to have a cordless that I loved until it started leaking constantly.

I also need to replace all my machine needles. In looking for needles I saw a category called bag closing needles. Just curious, what in the world are they?

I'm also going to need a cabinet for my machine. I'm fascinated by Koala cabinets, but are there others I should look at?

I'm a terrible decision maker, so please give me lots of input: facts, opinions, thoughts.

Thanks for any insight you can share.


by 02kar Moderator 28 Sep 2017

I'm so grateful that you are now safe. Good thinking to move what you could to the 2nd floor, but I'm so sorry that you still have damage. I have a cheap Rowenta and will be replacing it soon with a better one. This Rowenta is close to 10 years old. Try sitting down and checking out the cabinets and see what feels better to you and your needs. Enjoy this time of exploration and discovery. Remember what is best for you is not always what works for another. And share with us what you decide on and pictures of your new sewing roo.

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by stork edited 28 Sep 2017

So sorry for your losses from Harvey....I just got a great deal on Arrow cabinets at a quilt show over the summer. Check out the show there and see if anyone has specials. I have a Koala too but it is so big and heavy. The Arrow cabinet(s) is 4 separate units that roll and lock for easier movement. I just love the corner unit - it is bigger and my Diamond fits down in with the acrylic bed it is flat surface. One unit is a set of drawers, another has pullouts for my threads (finally got rid of some plastic containers!), a regular unit for my machine that it can sit on top of or be recessed into and the large corner unit. I am so pleased with these pieces!!! As for the iron, well, I have burned up more than 4 irons in the last couple of years so I choose to buy inexpensively for that. Good luck and prayers! Tonya

stork by stork 28 Sep 2017

Just checked my 3 irons that I have and they are all Black/Decker so far they are doing great!!!

stork by stork 28 Sep 2017

Do you need any books or some fabrics?!

sewtired by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

Who "needs" fabrics? We all probably have more than we need and yet, it seems we all "need" more. My fabrics were saved and my books too. Mainly lost little odds and ends that won't be missed (until I need them or course). Most of the important stuff was moved upstairs before the flood. The biggest things that didn't are my brand new washer and dryer. We had our first flood ever last summer with 14 inches of filthy water. Got a new washer and dryer and put them on pedestals that were a little over 14 inches high. We took on 46 inches of water with Harvey. All that rain that hit Houston had to go somewhere, so it visited us.

sewtired by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

Thanks, I'll have to check out Arrow. Modular sounds good to me.

by dragonflyer 28 Sep 2017

So sorry to hear of your losses in Harvey...but glad that you are okay! I have an Oliso iron and i don't like it as well as my Rowenta...I use a teflon slip cover over the ironing plate so I can iron anything (including silks) and not scorch anything...the up/down of the Oliso iron does not work well with the teflon plate cover (and I like the teflon plate cover soooo very much and will not give it up)....also, I like an iron that does not automatically shut off after several minutes...I am too impatient for it to heat up again....Rowenta makes a professional model that stays on...that's for me!

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sewtired by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

That sounds good, did the plate cover come with your iron or is it an accessory you added. Is it made by Rowenta?

by pennifold 28 Sep 2017

So sorry to read about your losses in Harvey. I only use a light weight iron as I'm always ironing. I've been interested in the irons that cut off automatically when put down too. I've seen them on the Missouri quilt company, but I'm not sure whether we have them in Australia, must check that out. With regard to cabinets I have HORN cabinets for my machines and a cutting table as well. Don't know anything about the needles you mentioned. Good luck with it all. ❤️ Chris

by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

Thanks to all for the replies so far, I could still use more input, so don't be shy about sharing your opinion.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 28 Sep 2017

I have a Tefal at the moment. It's okay, at least it gets really hot and the ironing surface is really good and non-stick. Some are extremely pointy [ like a big ship] and I hate them as Graceandham said

by graceandham 27 Sep 2017

I bought a little more expensive iron this time and I strongly dislike it. It has a long pointy "beak" on the front, so it is longer than most irons, and is very heavy to use. So, look carefully to get the shape you really want, regardless of the brand name!

graceandham by graceandham 27 Sep 2017

If you will be replacing threads, PM me for a great source for inexpensive embroidery, serger, and all cotton threads . (I don't work for them; I'm a customer.)

sewtired by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

Thanks, but I took my threads upstairs too. Though, I still might need to add more!

by katydid 27 Sep 2017

I am also a Rowenta girl for 20 yrs.

by jrob Moderator 27 Sep 2017

I'm a Rowenta gal all the way. I've only used them for the last 10-12 years. I'm on my third one but I'm a daily user until of late.
Bag needles are just a type of upholstery needles that make it easier to close up bags.
I've had the same cabinet for over 30 years. I used to love the fact that I could lower my machine down into it and close it, but that doesn't happen but once a year (at Christmas) because I have to remove the embroidery arm.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Sep 2017

I love the Oliso. The problem is that I might start fire when I go to the quilting group. I am so used to setting it down and of course the one I am using then has to be set on the heel.
I have no clue what bag closing needles are. I own Koala furniture. Unfortunately everything sits on carpets and after closing the door many times the hardware broke out of the door. This happened 2 x and Koala would not replace it the second time. My dealer however did and I never installed the replacement door, figuring the same would happen. Just wanted to have it for the future.

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Sep 2017

Don't think I can be of any use answering your questions as I'm in the UK. I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and am very sorry to hear you were affected by floods from Harvey. I'm sure with positive input from Cuties you will replace what is lost and be up and running again soon

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sewtired by sewtired 28 Sep 2017

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm very fortunate that though my sewing room is on the first floor, I moved many things upstairs before the flood, including my machine. I put other things on high shelves, some of which fell over and dumped stuff in the muck.