by cindymae68 24 Sep 2017

hello everyone.

I'm new to this site and I need help fast. I'm working on a baby quilt, (fleece) for a young mother back home (Kentucky). I have had nothing but trouble since I started.
I finally got thru the first name, now the middle name has given me fits from the beginning. my machine keeps skipping stitches and fraying the thread. I have changed needles, rethread top and bottom. cleaned hook area and under bobbin. I am using medium tear away stabilizer(never used before) and water soluable stabilizer on top. I don't know what else to do.
can anyone help me?


by airyfairy 04 Oct 2017

I am a bit late in seeing your post. I sew on fleece a lot, mainly blankets for rescue dogs. I use tearaway as cutaway would show. I have found for any lettering, whatever the fabric that pre wound bobbins work the best. Just remember to use soluble topping and a ball point needle.
I think your blanket looks amazing. Hope we see you on Cute again.

by toogie 29 Sep 2017

It looks good to me and no one will know all your trouble. By the way, welcome to Cute! Now you are a Cutie, as that is what we call ourselves here. Show us more of your embroidery, in the Projects section or if you sew, we'd love to see your work in the Sewing section here in Community. Have fun and glad to see you post. Don't ever hesitate to ask as there are always Cuties willing to help. Toogie

by pennifold 29 Sep 2017

Thanks so much Cindy for letting us know you got it sorted. ❤️ Chris

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asterixsew by asterixsew edited 29 Sep 2017

Seconded and you have created a great piece of work

by cindymae68 29 Sep 2017

I got it worked out. I changed the needle and took off my verigated thread and put on a solid color. Worked so much better. Finally got her name stitched.
Thanks to all for your advice.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 04 Oct 2017

Looks fantastic. So pleased you got it finished

by dragonflyer 25 Sep 2017

Most fleece is stretchy..sometimes in all directions...I have found the in some fleece items, I need to use a sticky stabilizer to control the stretch and a ball point needle or stretch needle...not all fleece is created equal...if you don't have a sticky stabilizer, try a temporary spray adhesive to stick the fleece to the tear-away stabilizer... and if you do not hoop the after sticking it to the stabilizer (make sure your pins are out of the stitching area! If you want to rule out the font or digitized design you are using, test it on a cotton fabric...have you used this font before on other fabrics? Unfortunately, sometimes it is just eliminating all possibilities by testing all of the components...good luck and let us know how it works out...

by meganne 25 Sep 2017

Firstly I'd scrap the tearaway and use a good quality cutaway stabiliser, tearaway usually shreds when the needle enters it.
I would iron the fleece, the section that you are going to embroider on, flat, being careful not to burn it, I do this with towels and I use a spray on starch, it REALLY makes a difference to the end result. .
Then I would only hoop the stabiliser and pin the fabric to that, slightly stretched (but not so much so that it pulls out of shape), then pin the WSS on top.
The main idea is to get the pile of the fabric to lay as flat as possible so you can stitch it.
I would use a 90/14 needle, preferably a Top Stitch needle from Superior threads, or you could even try a Stretch Needle and if possible slow your machine down.
The other alternative is to trim the fleece in the area you are going to embroider, but I didn't like the finish the only time I tried that.
I hope some of this helps.
Hugs and roses and a big welcome to Cute.

by maymason1 25 Sep 2017


by pennifold 25 Sep 2017

Welcome Cindy - I agree with graceandham (Betsey) some fleece can be an issue. By the sounds of it you have checked all the important things you need to do like needles, rethreading, stabiliser etc. I want add to the lists to make sure the tension of the fabric in your hoop is right too as it needs to be taut. Also ensure there is no fluff in bobbin case, also that the bobbin is in the right way. Having bobbin in the wrong way can cause shredding, ask me how I know!!!!!! As Vicki has suggested too not all digitised alphabets are the same. What size needle are you using and what is your machine? Someone on here may have the same machine and can possibly help you out.
Unfortunately I'm travelling in the Italian countryside for 3 weeks and don't get back to my country of Australia till the 10th October, so I'll be interested to see how you fare. Good luck and welcome to this great site. ❤️ Chris, Newcastle, Australia

by vickiannette 24 Sep 2017

is the Alphabet you are using one from your own sewing machine? I have had bad experience using a badly digitized alphabet which I got online and free. Much better to use a good quality digitized design. Sometimes a purchased 'pre-wound' bobbin is a good investment. good luck.

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by graceandham edited 24 Sep 2017

I would start by telling you the bad news - not all fleece is suitable for embroidery. I had one blanket that my machine simply ATE into. The steps you have taken and the medium tearaway all seem correct. What if you tried another brand of thread or bobbin? What about a very slight change in tension? Also, could it simply be time to have your machine serviced. Skipping stitches seems a pretty bad problem. Hopefully, others will have more advice. It might help them to know what brand your machine is.

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Sep 2017

Thanks for reposting and I have removed your original question. I hope that some Cuties can help. I'm in the UK and its after midnight and my brain isn't working clearly so I will leave the answers to others. Good luck