by toogie 24 Sep 2017

Hello Cuties, I was wondering if anyone has ever done needle tatting? I believe I could understand this better than the shuttle, if fingers would be cooperative. They also say you can duplicate with the tiny crochet hook which I know how to use, but I am doubtful you would get the uniform stitches.

I know the tatted edgings I bought to use, on Avery's dedication gown 12 years ago, has doubled in cost. I'm sure I could learn, but don't know when I'd find the time to make the edgings....I need to live to 100 and need the hands of a 25 year old-lol


by powagrl 25 Sep 2017

While tatting is so much prettier, it does take a lot of time to finish. If you have a 4-thread serger, you can make lace with it and have some nice results. It certainly would be fast & easy and allow you more time for your many other projects.

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toogie by toogie 25 Sep 2017

This technique is interesting, I've not seen it before. I down loaded some instructions. While it is pretty on the doily here, I prefer the tatting for garments, but it would take a lot longer...I better start soon, if I'm going to finish before I reach 100!-lol

by dragonflyer 25 Sep 2017

Watched some You Tube videos...I'm with Angie...FTNOA has some beautiful tatting done with the embroidery machine!

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toogie by toogie 25 Sep 2017

I can send you and Angie my mailing address, so you can mail me a few yards, when you're done-lol
I have checked some You tube out on needle tatting NOT fsl-lol.

by sdrise 25 Sep 2017

Hi Toogie YES I picked up needle tatting a few years ago. I find it so much easier than the shuttle and quicker also. You can buy the needles at Joanne's fabrics if there is one near you. The needles they sell come in a tube and have different sizes included. I use a coupon to get them cheaper Yu can get the results very fine using the smaller needle and finer thread.
. If you look on line there are several videos on how to do it. I will look up the video I used to learn and send you the link. Give it a whirl ... SO easy! Suzanne

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toogie by toogie 25 Sep 2017

Thank you Suzanne, I will watch some UTube and if you find the one you like, please do tell. I may be going to Joanns this week. I have some bibs I need to make and bring to Avery. I was reminded when I went over to my daughters Saturday to visit. The one she had on looked like it was choking her, so it along with others will be given to the younger ones at her school, as soon as I can get the larger ones made....I don't know WHEN I will find time for tatting!-lol

by pennifold 25 Sep 2017

Good luck Toogie I too have wanted to try this - but too many other things seem to get in the way. Vicki's attempt below looks gorgeous. I agree with your comment about living to 100 etc!!! ❤️ Chris

toogie by toogie 25 Sep 2017

I know Chris, when I use to hear women say they were bored, I thought they need a craft/hobby. I don't have time to do all I want to do and try.
Right now I need to TRY to hook up a home pc, ME the pc dummie. I have only had this 'new' pc 2 or 3 years! It will be obsolete before its even turned on-lol
What are you doing??!! You are suppose to be enjoying your trip with Trevor and no kids to look after! I know you will miss them, but I'm sure you need the break. Enjoy your days and send us photos!!!

pennifold by pennifold 25 Sep 2017

We are enjoying our trip immensely. Barga was amazing and we are now in Lucca where the Rolling Stones were on Saturday night. I check in every day to see the projects and give flowers. We are off to Pisa tomorrow and maybe to the Cinque Terra, depending on time. Italy is my all time favourite country besides Australia of course and I've been posting piccies on Facebook. It's easier than doing it on here. When we get home I'll post some pics of the places we saw. ❤️ Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Sep 2017

Toogie why go that route? There are embroidery files available that duplicate tatting. Check out FTNOA site. That may even help you to master FSL. :)

toogie by toogie 24 Sep 2017

Now Angie, you know my heart starts racing when we talk about FSL-lol-
You just go ahead and embroider me a few yards!-lol

crafter2243 by crafter2243 25 Sep 2017

Ha, ha. Truly Toogie, it is so easy.

by dixie 24 Sep 2017

Yes I have done it and it is much easier we used a very fine doll needle and a No 20 crochet cotton. I also tried the shuttle but found I would be able to some then did something wrong and couldn't get it to slip, so gave up when we were showed the needle version hope this is some help

crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Sep 2017

Same here.

toogie by toogie 24 Sep 2017

I have some crochet cotton, but the wrapper is off and I can't see the size. I don't think it is still fine enough. What is the needle size or is it just one size tatting needle?

by vickiannette 24 Sep 2017

yes I have learned this handicraft a few years ago Toogie. It is a bit easier to learn than the traditional 'bobbin' method. However, you will not get it as fine with the needle. When you use a bobbin [which I cannot master] the stitches will be as small as the thread you are using. But when you use a needle, the stitches will only be as fine as the needle. Still very pretty and only a purist will notice the difference. The cream one near the shuttle is Traditional tatting [by my elderly friend] others are my needle tatting and the needle. Trying to find the directions for you, but .....?

toogie by toogie edited 25 Sep 2017

I would love to learn and maybe make my own edging for my baby items, like bonnets and dresses. I just heard about the needle tatting and thought I could possibly master this. It probably goes slow, is why it is so expensive to buy. Did you make your own e

vickiannette by vickiannette 25 Sep 2017

yes, it's a little cotton square probably meant to be a handkerchief.

vickiannette by vickiannette 25 Sep 2017

I should have said that it is a purchased cotton square, came with the holes

pennifold by pennifold 25 Sep 2017

Great work Vicki. ❤️ Chris