by spendlove 22 Sep 2017

This is what has been occupying me this week. Aldi had very cheap FQs at the weekend so I bought 3 packs. I added some white for sashing and black for backing and I'm using them to test my own ITH quilt blocks. These are pieced, backed, quilted and joined in the hoop. The second picture shows the back of a block so you can see the quilting.

I've used nearly one pack so far so I should be able to do 36 blocks to make a decent sized quilt. (The blocks are 22cm square.)


by pennifold 24 Sep 2017

They have turned out brilliantly Sue. Well done, ❤️ Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Sep 2017

Sadly we do not have Aldi here. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I love your quilting design it shows well on that dark fabric.

by Frogzone 23 Sep 2017

Hi, I bought some of these to! It's so nice to see some inspiration for something I have in my stash!!
They also had Christmas designs!

asterixsew by asterixsew 23 Sep 2017

Welcome to Cute from another UK Cutie. Sadly I don't have a Aldi near me. Sue has shedloads of inspiration and a FB group - Engineered in Stitches where some of her designs are available for a donation to her local Hospice. Look forwards to seeing you here

spendlove by spendlove 23 Sep 2017

Welcome to Cute - nice to see someone else from UK!
I didn't buy the Christmas ones this time, but I used the ones they had last year.

by airyfairy 23 Sep 2017

Always so good to see what you are doing. You are just so talented.

by sewntrouble 22 Sep 2017

Do you mean the Aldi stores that sell food and veggies? I hope so I have one down the street from me. Do you have a website? If so will these blocks be for sale. Love the way yours is turning out.

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spendlove by spendlove 23 Sep 2017

Here in UK Aldi have fabric bundles twice a year - but only if you are quick off the mark!
The designs will be available from Engineered in Stitches when they are ready.

by noah 22 Sep 2017

Looks great Sue hugs:):)

by sewdeb 22 Sep 2017

Terrific job! Doing it all in the hoop sure makes fast work of making a quilt!

by barba 22 Sep 2017

Very beautiful! Love your talent. Hugs, Barba

by babash 22 Sep 2017

Wow so clever love it especially the colours you chose.
That would be a real learning curve to do in the hoop joining of blocks.
Do you mean you bought the FQ's from Aldi the Supermarket?
Here in Australia they sell sewing machines and overlockers as a special occasionally but have never seen fabric. That would be great if they did.

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spendlove by spendlove 23 Sep 2017

Just twice a year - but a great bargain!

by carolpountney 22 Sep 2017

Nice blocks love the quilting something different

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spendlove by spendlove 23 Sep 2017

I tried to get a 60's feel - I am rather pleased with it!

by Smokey12 22 Sep 2017

Looking good, love the rows you have completed and the idea you did them all ITH. Great idea on the quilting, the squares/rectangles. So mush better than the standard stippling.

by brendalea 22 Sep 2017

Looks great. Could I please see the back so I can see how they are joined. Thanks for sharing. Happy Stitching Brenda Lea

by toogie 22 Sep 2017

Looking good,Sue.

by dragonflyer 22 Sep 2017 a great buy on fabric...were the two rows joined ITH as well?

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spendlove by spendlove 22 Sep 2017

Yes - everything so far is ITH. I think I can manage one more row, then the limits of my workspace kick in. I'll do another half a quilt and then join the two on the sewing machine.

by jrob Moderator 22 Sep 2017


by sonjapotgieter 22 Sep 2017

Beautiful!!!Well done

by grannycottage 22 Sep 2017

It is a beautiful result and I love the fabrics you used. But, I don't understand how the blocks can be joined in the hoop if they are at the same time pieced,backed and quilted .

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 22 Sep 2017

I'd appreciate some hint about how to do this too!

spendlove by spendlove 22 Sep 2017

The backing has to be finished by hand.

grannycottage by grannycottage 22 Sep 2017

Thank you for informing me. I understand better this way

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Sep 2017

Love your fabrics and it looks as if you have been busy. I'm looking forwards to seeing the end result as what you have so far is beautiful. I'm only sorry I live so far from an Aldi