by michemb 17 Sep 2017

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a photo of the happy future parents, my son and daughter in law. She is expecting Oct. 27th so we will soon be able to hold little Sofia in our arms soon.

Praying for a safe and healthy delivery. We had their baby party yesterday and the crib was our gift to them. Excitement everywhere, we can't wait.

I will keep you posted.

Have a great day


by parkermom 20 Sep 2017

Sofia is such a beautiful name. I have embroidered many a "when a child is born, so is a grandma" on shirts. Maybe you need one for yourself!

by jrob Moderator 20 Sep 2017

Michelle you are about to have the most wonderful surprise of your life. Instantaneously falling in love! This was my favorite quote in a card from a friend when my first grandbaby was born:

by snowbird42 18 Sep 2017

Hi Michelle such a happy time first grandchild cant wait till we see photos...soozie

by airyfairy 18 Sep 2017

Many congratulations. First grandchild is so very special

by pennifold 17 Sep 2017

Congratulation to the expecting parents Michelle. It's such an exciting time and I bet you have lots of goodies in line that you've been making - along with all the renovations! Love Chris

by designgirl 17 Sep 2017

Congratulations to the happy couple and your family. Sending prayers everything goes well with the birth of their child.

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

All prayers appreciated, thanks

by kustomkuddle 17 Sep 2017

Congratulations. You must be very excited! Praying everything goes well.

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

thank you

by pacmp 17 Sep 2017

Beautiful couple and she is just radiant! Praying all goes well and you treasure each and every moment of being a grandma! It is a blast! Have fun stitching up a storm! Pam

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

they are both so sweet, Haven't stitched up anything yet, no time.

by graceandham 17 Sep 2017

So exciting for all of you. Congratulations and best wishes for a happy future.

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017


by cfidl 17 Sep 2017

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am sure you will have really great pieces for the newest member of your family. Best wishes to all!

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

thanks so much

by jerrib 17 Sep 2017

How exciting Michelle
I remember waiting for the birth of my first Grandbaby.
Hugs a Bunch

michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

it is so exciting, we will soon be counting the days. I will finally be a grandma

michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

oops forgot, hugs to you

by noah 17 Sep 2017

Congrats to ALL hugs Carolyn xx

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

thanks and hugs back

by toogie 17 Sep 2017

I love the crib. I've not seen one with the drawers and changing table attached but what a nice idea/gift. They look so happy and make a handsome couple. She has beautiful blue eyes, too. May they always be as happy as they are today awaiting Sofia.

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michemb by michemb 18 Sep 2017

The crib is great, one piecce and everything is included. It will grow with her as it converts to a bed later on.