by rescuer Moderator 16 Sep 2017

I am glad the high temperatures are mostly over, but I wasn't quite ready for snow. I did not take the picture. It is courtesy our local news (channel 2) and sent in to the news by Darin Brooks as shown in the photo from 9-15-17 This is near one of my favorite lakes -- Mirror Lake.

I do hope we get autumn this year. Sometimes it gets skipped...then we only have two seasons -- winter and construction. lol


by kustomkuddle 17 Sep 2017

Beautiful picture. We get the four seasons in Michigan, but the weather is a little mixed up right now. August was 20 to 30 degrees F colder than usual and now September is 20 to 30 degrees F warmer than usual. As much as I love snow, I am not ready for it yet.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

It snowed in Montana yesterday (or today) and it looked similar to the photo here. I think I will be ready for the snow about a month after it has accumulated in the valleys here.

by noah 17 Sep 2017

Oh no i hate the white stuff as i get so much of it:(:(but soon my turn will come hugs

rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

It might be headed your way...

noah by noah 18 Sep 2017

nooooooooooo keep it******lol

by cfidl 17 Sep 2017

I heard about snow in the mountains already. I think it is going to be a long cold winter this year. We have so much more humidity than we used to.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

I do hope we are done with the drought. I will take the snow so we have good water to drink

by chenille 17 Sep 2017

Gorgeous pic! I too am glad that some of the hot weather has gone. Now if some of the smoke would dissipate so we could breathe it would be nice. The snow is a tad early. We want to head to Manitoba for Thanksgiving but if there is snow we will probably pass. We got caught once before.... :-( A nice long, cool, colourful, autumn in the B.C. mountains with no more fires and smoke would be lovely!

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

I hope your air clears soon. It is sad that so much beauty is burning now.

by queenofhearts 17 Sep 2017

Oh my goodness, this is way too early. Here in Minnesota we are enjoying temps in the 70's today but looking at the high 80's again by the end of the week. Most unusual weather for mid to late Sept. but soaking up every day of it because the snow will come at some point and it will look just like your picture.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

We didn't make 70 degrees today. It will be a wonderful nights sleep with the windows open.

by pacmp 17 Sep 2017

Goodness burrrrrrr!!! I love seeing snow and the quiet of the world with crunching of the snow under foot, but do not really miss living with it on a regular basis. We had lived in Springville, Utah for almost 10 years and the weather systems off the lake seemed to bless us with substantial snowfall most years, now back on the Southern Oregon Coast we are back into the lush greenery of the forests that I love though we also currently have intense smoke from so many fires, so the rain that is to start later today will hopefully help put out some of the fires burning around the state, though it likely may mean that additional snow may be heading your way as the weather makes it over to your higher elevations ...if the air remains cold enough to make it to snow for you. Be safe and enjoy the beauty. Pam

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

The lake effect can really add inches to snowfall. Springville does get its share of snow. I lived in Payson for a few years. I worked in Salt Lake so that made a long and slippery commute.
I love the green found in other places, but I would miss my mountains too much to move.
I do hope you get the rain needed to put out the fires. I don't mind the snow. I just love the colors of fall and at least I do love the smell of greenery and trees after a rain. I hope you get to open the windows soon and let that fresh morning dew smell into your home.

by toogie 16 Sep 2017

I forget where you are...maybe Utah...but anywhere there is snow in US right now seems unheard of. That looks like a lot too.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

Yes, I live in Utah
The drive is about 2 hours to get to the snow. Last week we had valley temperatures in the 90's. It won't take long for it to make it to my house.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Sep 2017

Oh my. That is unreal.

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

When I look at the pictures, it makes me think of the quiet that happens when the snow falls. It also makes me feel cold!

by graceandham 16 Sep 2017

Oh, my. There is a Mirror Lake near Asheville, NC where they will be having a lovely fall including leaf colors turning in about a month. Maybe you'd better plan a visit? I simply hadn't thought of snow being possible anywhere in September. Wow!

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rescuer by rescuer 17 Sep 2017

We sometimes get snow as late as July and new snow has often arrived earlier than September -- not usually in the same year though. There are lovely places to camp near Mirror Lake (actually there are 8 or 9 lakes in that area). Most are a days hike from the road -- so I haven't been in...too long.
I would love the visit but, I will have to stick to the changing leaves nearby. It seems I need to head to the mountains sooner than later... Snow may be dusting the hills in the next couple of weeks.