by bowlds 14 Sep 2017

I got these in a "mystery bag" of covered button blanks at my thrift store. I figure the big 4 pieces are for a fabric covered closure...maybe belt closure??? the other one that is upside down is just smooth silver on the other side...maybe missing a piece??? The animal eyes have a wire attached and i'm not sure how to attach using those??? Any ideas? TIA


by powagrl 14 Sep 2017

The upside down silver piece looks like a bolo slide for a western bolo tie. You could leave the front plain or glue on a decorative piece.

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bowlds by bowlds 14 Sep 2017

Oh, would not have thought of that! Thanks.

by graceandham 14 Sep 2017

On the animal eyes, try putting them through a hole on a white button and then bending to the back. Voila!

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bowlds by bowlds 14 Sep 2017

I only got three....I may need to make a monster!