by basketkase 12 Sep 2017

You have all been so kind, loving and supportive while I have been so uptight about my bro.....well, got an email from my nephew and he is with my bro and SIL and all is fine......they, of course, are out of power and they are using their generator sparingly as gas is near impossible to get.....they have wind damage but all is well with them....Thank you, Lord!!!


by sdrise 13 Sep 2017

Great news!! I am glad all of them are OK... IT is going to take awhile to recover from all the damage.

by Sewmum1 13 Sep 2017

Good news to hear from them. I imagine you will have some relief now

by cfidl 13 Sep 2017

It has been tough all around. Glad all is well with your family.

by jrob Moderator 13 Sep 2017

Hugs, not being able to "be there" puts gray hairs in your head in a big ole hurry.

by kustomkuddle 12 Sep 2017

What a relief to find that all is well with your brother- as much as it can be. Will continue with prayers.

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Sep 2017

Glad they are fine and its your prerogative as a sister to worry about your brother. Being without power for more than a hour or two is difficult. The most I have been through was about 4 days (but we had no back up at all.)

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basketkase by basketkase 12 Sep 2017

When we move to Arkansas in a few years we are going to make sure we have a generator......the electric goes out in the Ozark area we will be in, often enough to need one...

by pennifold 12 Sep 2017

This is such encouraging news Vicki. After hearing/reading all the news that is coming out of America I cannot fathom that amount of people out of power etc. I think the longest we've ever been without power is a few hours.
I pray that with all the work to be done in the coming months that this will bring out the best in humanity. It's so encouraging seeing the help that is being given so far. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 12 Sep 2017

I'm so thankful you have good news of your family. Gas cannot be pumped without electricity to run the pumps. I learned this during Super Storm Sandy. They are being very wise. I know that emergency resources are being sent by the many many hundreds so hopefully, gas stations will be up and pumping soon.. I know the millions (2/3 of the state) are getting prayer support every minute. Hugs to you. I know you need hugs. I finally breathed myself once we got word that all of our friends were safe.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Sep 2017

I am so relieved. You must be so happy. They are smart to use the generator sparingly.

by graceandham 12 Sep 2017

Great to hear.

by laurasomi 12 Sep 2017

I am glad everything is fine with your Brother, i know what its like to worry about family, my SIL and Grandkids are living in Texas.


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basketkase by basketkase 12 Sep 2017

Thanks, Gabi......