by spendlove 10 Sep 2017

In a recycling mood today - I began with the skirt from a sundress I bought at a jumble sale, the lid of a CD spindle and two scrap CDs. I had to add some Bump from my stash but that is all.

The basket is in two sections, each was made ITH. Pockets first with some stipple quilting and then the sides with the pockets, lining and handle added ITH. I stitched the side seams on the sewing machine. The base is a scrap CD covered with bump and fabric, hand stitched to the rest. The inside base was made in the same way and pressed down onto some double sided tape.


by lidiad 13 Sep 2017

Love it! Well done.
Hugs, Lidia

by noah 12 Sep 2017

Love it when u can make something from nothin hugs

by sewdeb 11 Sep 2017

Brilliant, Sue! I'm going to look at my "trash" in a different way from now on!

by mechille 11 Sep 2017

Great idea Sue. You always come up with some clever ideas. Thanks for inspiring us. Mechille :)

by Sewmum1 10 Sep 2017

Clever idea. Great for all the small sewing bits to keep them handy

by mariagiannina 10 Sep 2017

Love it!! I always said you were a clever girl!!

by aussiequilter 10 Sep 2017

wow love it

by barba 10 Sep 2017

Super cute! Hugs, Barba

by lucy12345 10 Sep 2017

Well done and so useful

by kathymourie 10 Sep 2017

You are amazing. Love it.

by pennifold 10 Sep 2017

Love it! Love Chris

by liliana1 10 Sep 2017

Great Recycle project

by serendipity79 10 Sep 2017

fantastic recycle idea! love the fact that you used items which are generally already at hand!

by carolpountney 10 Sep 2017

Great recycle I love a challenge

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Sep 2017

Super recycling project. Great brain storm.

by dragonflyer 10 Sep 2017

Great way to recycle..I did something similar with a large empty coffee can...really useful too!

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Sep 2017

Great work Sue. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze.

by kustomkuddle 10 Sep 2017

Awesome idea!

by sonjapotgieter 10 Sep 2017

Beautiful!!!Great project!!Handy to have???

by cfidl 10 Sep 2017

That is a darling piece, and most of us "creative folk" would have those items on hand. Lol! I just gave hubby an empty dvd spindle and asked him what to do with it. I may have to ask for it back. Lol!

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sewhobby by sewhobby 10 Sep 2017

I've seen the spindle used as a Bagel server. Decorated with a paper doily on the bottom.

by bejoscha 10 Sep 2017

Really beautiful basket, great use of fabric and old CD