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by graceandham ( edited 12 Sep 2017 ) 10 Sep 2017

FINAL UPDATE AT END. Finished my hurricane preparation - and I'm six hours from a beach! We are expecting ten's of inches of rain and winds up to 60 mph, so I've given four days to picking up all the limbs and pine cones in my yard. So, it's clean till the wind starts and then there will be a new culling! Fall is always a work intensive time in my yard - too many old trees. The human nature stories are beginning to pour in from the storm. Some people had evacuated to a town near me and a little boy paid for their lunch today. That was so awesome. Someone's been doing some good parenting. Also, the local high school football teams are offering free admission to their games with a Florida I.D. (like a driver's license or whatever), so families can have a little fun while waiting on the storm. Sometimes stress brings out the best in people.

Monday afternoon, power is browning, so I'm signing out before I'm on battery. Lost one huge limb so far, but rain quite moderate and supposed to be over by late evening - I'm hoping.
Tuesday morning, all calm except for some very confused birds from the beaches who got caught up in the winds. All is well here. Just lost the one big limb that I can see so far, and lots of little trashy stuff. Still dripping rain. A year ago it was 97 Fahrenheit; this morning it is a brisk 57! Unreal for here in September. Oh, one big prayer answered. Older son has been in Houston delivering roll-offs (dumpsters) all over town. The company has now sent him on to Denver to replace their best driver who was also sent to Houston. So, he's still in a hotel without clean clothes or a suitcase, but out of the infestation of Houston for now. He says Denver is awesome.


by perraut 10 Sep 2017

une pensée émue à tous les habitants. . .

by jrob Moderator 10 Sep 2017

Keeping you in my prayers.

by maleah 10 Sep 2017

Prayers for all in Irma's path. Please be dry and safe. Keep in touch.

by AllRaggedy 10 Sep 2017

Stay safe. This horrific storm Irma, sounds so scary and unpredictable. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

by kustomkuddle 10 Sep 2017

Praying you and loved ones stay safe as well as all others living Florida and those helping with evacuation and cleaning up aftermath.

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graceandham by graceandham 10 Sep 2017

I'm in Alabama. Just expecting the aftermath of wind and rain.

by toogie 10 Sep 2017

Hopefully the 10 inches of rain won't come all at once. We got 8 inches from Harvey, but thankfully it was in bouts. It would stop just long enough for the standing water to drain off and then start again. Our ground has been so saturated all summer. My hubby would bog down his zero turn trying to mow and then it would rain again, every week, for days.
That was a very thoughtful gesture for the high school, to offer. My SIL and daughter are going two days next week, with their church group again, to help with Harvey clean up in Texas.
I am glad that times like this you aren't near the coast. I wish Karen were further inland...

by gerryb 10 Sep 2017

The media is wrong...our nation as a whole is NOT divided! We stand together in times of need. Praying for all those in Fla. And continue to pray for those in Texas!!

by rescuer Moderator 10 Sep 2017

I'm glad you are prepared. Sometimes I think people just need a reminder to be kind. Natures fury works wonders! Be safe!

by Sewmum1 10 Sep 2017

Well done getting prepared. Stay safe.
I love stories of the kindness of others, very inspiring

by dragonflyer 10 Sep 2017

Even though it seems like you are far away, you will certainly feel an impact from this huge storm...stay safe and I hope those old trees stay put!

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graceandham by graceandham 10 Sep 2017

Oh, me too. The good news is that they are all downhill from me!