by mechille 09 Sep 2017

Keeping all those in Florida in my prayers.


by jenne 11 Sep 2017

My whole church is praying for all that is in the storms path.

by arisann 09 Sep 2017

yes for all the people!

by oaro 09 Sep 2017

Thank you

by 02kar Moderator 09 Sep 2017

Thank you. I know those on the peninsula need every prayer uttered. And we wonder if there will be any resources to help Irma's victims rebuild.

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by toogie edited 09 Sep 2017

It is heart wrenching seeing all the devastation that has occurred in Irma's path and she's still coming strong. I pray that God will show mercy for all Floridian's, as we continue to pray and help Texas recover.

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lmartinez37 by lmartinez37 10 Sep 2017