by dailylaundry 06 Sep 2017

Keep us in your prayers, we are in South Florida, helping my Father-in-law get his house set for the hurricane. We will be staying with him there- his house is on high ground, but, it is still very scary! He is not in a mandatory evacuation area and he won't leave. Wow, this is not my idea of vacation!! LOL Laura


by mariagiannina 10 Sep 2017

Thinking of you all in Florida, and watching on the news here in NQ Australia. I can imagine what you are going through, it is very scary having been through 2 category 5 cyclones in recent years.
Please stay safe.

by AllRaggedy 10 Sep 2017

Stay safe. The news I am seeing is so frightening for
so much of Florida as Irma approaches. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

by pennifold 08 Sep 2017

Dear Laura, I have been listening with great interest to all of the weather issues in America particularly hurricane Harvey and now Mexico with the massive earthquake. Prayers for all people concerned and the first responders. Love Chris

by meganne 08 Sep 2017

Saying prayers for your safety and the safety of all Floridians.

I can't imagine how terrifying it must be.
Huge hugs n blessings

by castor 08 Sep 2017

please stay safe ,I just heard there has been a bad Earthquake of the Mexico Coast and a Tsunami is expected. I am saying Prayers for everyone hugs Ursula

by toogie 08 Sep 2017

Laura, I don't want to increase your worry, but unless his home is especially built for strong winds of this force, I really wish you all would leave. If you stay, when it is over, you will be without power and water for some time.....
Please keep us updated and after it is over, if you can, let us know you are safe. We are praying for those of you, in this monsters path.

by jrob Moderator 07 Sep 2017

Prayers for safety for all of you. Hunker down.

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Sep 2017

Positive thoughts for your family

by cfidl 07 Sep 2017

stay safe, I will check in on you!

by stork 07 Sep 2017

Please watch the weather reports and keep up with the new evacuation lists, seems they are changing by the hours. Prayers for you all!

toogie by toogie 08 Sep 2017

If people wait to evacuate, the traffic will be at a snails pace, as everyone will be fleeing. I hope they take the reports seriously and leave now if they haven't already.

stork by stork 08 Sep 2017

I agree!! They are showing long lines at the airports also.

by graceandham 06 Sep 2017

Will be praying. Stay dry.

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Sep 2017

Laura prayers will be with you. Please check back after and let us know that you are OK. Hugs and stay safe.

by maleah 06 Sep 2017

Praying that all are safe

by kustomkuddle 06 Sep 2017

Praying you are safe.

by dragonflyer 06 Sep 2017

Hope you stay safe and dry....

by 02kar Moderator 06 Sep 2017

I'm glad you checked in. Keep watching because the mandatory evacuations can change. I'm sure you and your FIL will be uppermost in many prayers now.

by rescuer Moderator 06 Sep 2017

Be safe! Thanks for checking in too.

You are going to need a vacation after you are done with this fake vacation.

by sdrise 06 Sep 2017

Keep safe Prayers are with you!

by sewdeb 06 Sep 2017

I'll keep you and yours in my prayers.

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 06 Sep 2017

Thank you - I promise to check in with everyone here when I can! Thanks again!

ssampsel by ssampsel 08 Sep 2017

please keep us posted!