by asterixsew 06 Sep 2017

First and only piece of embroidery on my big machine after it has been serviced. From not using my machine for two years it was a challenge to remember how it worked. I set a further challenge to myself to use the threads that were already on the machine. This is the result. The design was from UT. I stretched the design over a old frame and then gave it to the Librarian who has it on display in the Library in town. My photo skills don't seem to have improved over the summer so apologies but thanks for looking


by jrob Moderator 09 Sep 2017

I love this design. I'm sure you have gotten numerous comments at your library.

by ssampsel 08 Sep 2017

Great work!

by cfidl 08 Sep 2017

Excellent piece, and I feel like a newbie nearly every time I get on these days. Lol!

by basketkase 08 Sep 2017

Perfect gift for a librarian!! Great stitching......

by Sewmum1 08 Sep 2017

This is great. I have a friend who is a librarian and this would be perfect for her

by sewmadau 07 Sep 2017

Your photo skills are better than mine. "G" Love the design.

by sandralane 06 Sep 2017

Love the wording, great design, well done. Sandra.

by pennifold 06 Sep 2017

What a great saying and it looks great Caroline. Love Chris

by kustomkuddle 06 Sep 2017

Wonderful saying. Very nicely done.

by carolpountney 06 Sep 2017

Well done live it

by sonjapotgieter 06 Sep 2017

Well done..Awesome

by dragonflyer 06 Sep 2017

Great for a library!

by spendlove Moderator 06 Sep 2017

Great - love that design.

by serendipity79 06 Sep 2017

i love the design and your stitch out! and the way you managed to stretch it.... would love to learn how to do that on frames... mine come wonky.. great work, for not having used the machine for such a long time...i'd say you still have girl :) hugs mari

by pennyhal2 06 Sep 2017

A library is a perfect place for it! I'm glad you got your machine back and it is in working condiditon!

by noah 06 Sep 2017

Love the message ****great job hugs

by evilsoft 06 Sep 2017

That is a delight. I am sure the Library is going to get plenty of comments. Great idea. Sue