by graceandham 03 Sep 2017

Sisters, grab your prayer shawls. Our very own dear cutie, Miss Lillian needs your prayers. (Notice she's been quiet?) She has a torn meniscus (part of the knee) and quite likely a tumor behind the knee. She won't have any more info till after the middle of September but asked for your prayers. Thanks in advance.


by liliana1 04 Sep 2017


by toogie 04 Sep 2017

We all know He hears our prayers, so feel better soon Lillian! We are cheering for you too, as we want you to be well and join us all, more often. We love you, so take care-Toogie

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toogie by toogie 04 Sep 2017

Also thank you Betsey for letting us know....I just passed out 24 or 25 flowers above and below ( that's what I get for commenting late)....wish they were real ones for Lillian!-lol

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by Sewmum1 edited 04 Sep 2017

Lillian hugs and prayers. I can not begin to understand how you must be feeling right now but just know your cute family is right behind you thinking and praying for you.

Big hugs

by gerryb 04 Sep 2017

Oh my, Lillian, so many prayers, including mine, being lifted up for you! Hang in there...and Ala. won their game just for you, I bet! Hugs to you!

by jrob Moderator 04 Sep 2017

I'm so sorry to hear this. Miss Lillian, please know that all of those prayers you have been sending up on our behalf are being returned tenfold for you, for healing, for an easily manageable diagnosis (baker's cyst?) and for you to know how very loved and honored among us you are.

by stork 04 Sep 2017


by parkermom 04 Sep 2017

glad to add her to my prayer list. And so thankful for Cuties who care for each other.

by barba 03 Sep 2017

Blessings and Prayers will be said for a quick recovery. Blessings to you for letting us all know. Hugs, Barba

by laurasomi 03 Sep 2017

Miss Lilian, i hope you get positive news and that you are feelin better soon, my thoughts are with you.

Hugs from across the ocean,

by dragonflyer 03 Sep 2017

Thank you so much for letting us know...and let her know we are all here behind her and rooting for her speedy recovery...

by momofeight 03 Sep 2017

Prayers are being said

by lildoll2 03 Sep 2017

hope god hears all our prayers and gets you healed up fast, lol doris

by basketkase 03 Sep 2017

Thank you for letting us all know of Lillians health issues........will pray for a quick recovery!!

by Zinobia 03 Sep 2017

Pray you get over this health issue soon Dear Lillian . wish you are back enjoying embroidering and creating.
Look forward to see you here soon.
Take care and give a strong fight.

by kustomkuddle 03 Sep 2017

Will continue praying for Ms. Lillian. So sorry to hear about her knee. She certainly does not need anything else like that going on in her life right now. Sending hugs.

by sdrise 03 Sep 2017

Thanks for the info Prayers are coming her way !!

by noah 03 Sep 2017

Will pray ***Dear Lord please touch our dear friends knee and lessen the pain and hold her heart in your hands so it won't hurt so much***Amen

by meganne 03 Sep 2017

Thanks for putting up this info Betsy.
I was talking to Lillian earlier today (mid day Sunday, Sydney time) and I would like to request please, for other Cuties, those who are close enough to Lillian to have her phone number, could you please give her a call any evening around 9 pm Alabama time and have a chat with her to help keep her spirits up. She is having a difficult time missing Ron so much, now made even worse by her immobility, and the nights are so hard on her.
It isn't my place to thank you all because Lillian is so special to many Cuties, but I do thank you all most sincerely.
hugs n blessings, Meg

by maleah 03 Sep 2017

Prayers for a quick recovery from a very painful injury......

by mrskiki 03 Sep 2017

Prayers for sure. Please keep us informed. Hugs. Nan W

by zoefzoef 03 Sep 2017

Same was my case during June this year, but lucky not with the tumor.
Tell her that the opertation is not too bad. It is more afterwards that you struggle because you can't walk,... easily. For me that was the worst part. Keep calm. Whishing that everything turns out fine for her and at the moment she doesn't suffer too much.

by gerryvb 03 Sep 2017

She will be in my prayers, hope middle of september will bring good news for her. thank you so much for letting us know. please give her our hugs and love.

by pennifold 03 Sep 2017

Prayers for healing my dear Miss Lillian, hope everything will be back to normal asap. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Sep 2017

Thank you for letting us know. She has been in my prayers and I will add healing for her knee.

by rescuer Moderator 03 Sep 2017

prayers... she is such a dear lady! Thanks for the info.

by Leaha 03 Sep 2017

Indeed, I will add her to the pray list. Miss Lillian the 'Prayer Warriors are surrounding you with prays and love. Thank you for the opportunity to do something nice for you. hugs leaha