by peafarm 01 Sep 2017

Has anyone else had trouble getting the "Z" of the Elegant Royal Split Font from ThreadDelight Newsletter? I did contact Daleen, just haven't heard back yet. Also mentioned that the Newsletter from yesterday with letter "Y" was not in my email. So no letter "Y" either. Had trouble with the last font also missing last 3 letters since the Newsletter would not let me download them.


by toogie 04 Sep 2017

Check your email TODAY for the missing Y in the newsletter!

by dixie 02 Sep 2017

She has fixed it now just retry from the email, I just got it from my email
and she also added the new Celtic Font on the same email

by sewmadau 02 Sep 2017

I cannot get the Z either

by babash 01 Sep 2017

I couldn't get the Z either. I don't do facebook so will have to wait and see.

by toogie 01 Sep 2017

Mine Z in my newsletter won't work and I never received the Y newsletter either. I am not on Facebook, nor do I know how to contact Stitch Delight, to let them know,,,,,,

rescuer by rescuer 01 Sep 2017

She has had hundreds (possibly thousands) of Facebook users send her messages concerning this. If you go to your last email and click on the link, in the address bar find the X and replace it with the Y and then after downloading replace the Y with the Z -- you should be able to get them. However, I am certain she will send an email out with links to both letters.

toogie by toogie 01 Sep 2017

Thank you, I'm going back to my email and try.

toogie by toogie 02 Sep 2017

I couldn't get it because there is no way to click on the Z, to go to the page with the Z in the address bar. It shows my inbox email in the address bar.

rescuer by rescuer 02 Sep 2017

I meant for you to click on the X in the last working email link.

by irenewayne 01 Sep 2017

got mine from facebook as well. Irene

by gdsteliga 01 Sep 2017

I had to go to Facebook to download the Y and Z.

by AuntAnnie 01 Sep 2017

I was able to collect the Z from Facebook.

by markus 01 Sep 2017

Yesterday's Y was not in my email either.
And cant download the Z.

by sharonleekesner 01 Sep 2017

It wouldn't go to the download page for me either.

by peafarm 01 Sep 2017

I hope this is how I edit Martine--meant to say ThreadDelight Newsletter

peafarm by peafarm 01 Sep 2017

Nope again, I meant "StitchDelight"!!!!

rescuer by rescuer 01 Sep 2017

Click on the arrow just under your original post. Select Edit from there. There is a post in the Q&A that explains what you need to do.