by arisann 30 Aug 2017

Please pray for our Nation, President Trump, Service men and women and remember Texas and all the people that live there. Pray for all the rescue teams and people just helping out. Prayers make a difference. Send God your prayers He will answer. In any way you yourself and friends can Help Texas do so if possible! It will take us all helping... Blessings to all that read. Thanks, AH


by basketkase 31 Aug 2017

Amen!!! I am sickened as I know all the world is by the devastation we see in TX and into LA........

by airyfairy 31 Aug 2017

My thoughts go with all in Texas

by 02kar Moderator 31 Aug 2017

Thanks for reminding us to pray. Our country, politicians and especially our military and their families all need every prayer. And to all, so much of TX is impacted by Harvey. It is nor just Houston. There are entire towns south of Houston that have been devastated, hundreds of thousands with no home and the list goes on. Blessings to you also.

by pennifold 30 Aug 2017

Yes, we are all praying downunder and know that He will listen. Love Chris