by gramsbear 27 Aug 2017

8/27/17... Hi Cuties!!! I have a question hopefully someone will be able to help us... Maggie 59, Had a computer crash, & had to have her hard drive cleaned and put back to working again. Thanx to a few Cuties, I read enough to help us get her Embird working again. But now when she tries to get a design from one of her drives, all she gets is a white empty box. I even sent her a file on email, one I made, and it was a white box, no design. I figure it must be a setting that is not correct, but I am not computer friendly to figure it out. Can anyone help us??? I sure hope so. She is sooo frustrated, after being w/o her computer for 2 weeks, she still can't do her stuff... Thanx to all who have an opinion, we will try most anything! Hahaha! Hugs & Thanx sew much, Judy & Maggie...


by sewdoctor 27 Aug 2017

On the right side of the screen in Embird...just under the format designation box...there will be a little box put a check in it. You will be able to see your designs.

rescuer by rescuer 27 Aug 2017

Dragonflyer has pictures at the link:

gramsbear by gramsbear 28 Aug 2017

Thanx SewDocter, already did this and it helped with Iconizer, but didn't help with all other designs. Will keep trying!!! Thanx again for helping!!! Hugs, Judy...

by rescuer Moderator 27 Aug 2017

The file association may be wrong (so the wrong software is trying to open it)
Right click the embroidery file to change the program that is tied to all files of that type. Instructions are a little different based on the Windows version but it can be done in the control panel as well.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 28 Aug 2017

Thanx Rescuer, I will try that with her today, Hope this works, Thanx for the response. Will let youns know how it went!!! Hugs, Judy...